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SMAX enables federal body to quickly and easily pivot to remote working during lockdown

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We are unquestionably experiencing a situation nobody could have been adequately prepared for, but those who have reacted promptly appear to be better off for it. This is also true when it comes to the running of organizations during this global pandemic and the business-critical software they rely on to continue to operate. The huge demand to support the increase of home-office work – not just from an IT perspective but infrastructure as well – and those with the solutions able to meet this demand will respond best.

When the outbreak of the Corona virus hit one of the world’s largest countries and it went into lockdown, most federal agencies were instructed to work remotely. This included its federal judicial body – a long-time Micro Focus ITSM customer with 10,000 users who had made extensive use of Micro Focus SMAX to maintain their service centre for both IT and the enterprise.

As SMAX is codeless, the IT team had easily configured the solution since first deploying it to meet their evolving needs and hadn’t used outsourced contractors, enabling significant agility.

tea-cup-laptop-apple-7360.jpgThis was a critical factor in responding to the COVID-19 lockdown and using SMAX to be the platform for a ‘home office kit’. Within only a matter of days the ITSM department was able to take advantage of the codeless functionalities of SMAX and its intuitive interface to make information and automation available to the entire organization. This allows its employees to remain productive while teleworking, and provide service to the citizens of the federal district. 

The “home office kit” was developed with a series of documents and automated processes containing all necessary information within the familiar SMAX portal. This included tasks such as 

  • requesting a VPN access
  • installing a token drive for digital certification
  • tutorials on how to register access through employee number

SMAX had also been deployed outside IT, and they had created several Enterprise Service Management (ESM) applications for its internal processes such as meal orders, warehouse management, office furniture requests etc., and asset management. The availability of this service became highly relevant at a time when people had to immediately start working from home and set up work spaces.

As a result, the organization has the confidence to continue to offer support and services, and employees feel comfortable with the existing and familiar solution.

Under unprecedented and unexpected circumstances, SMAX allowed this critical public service to quickly and easily pivot to continue to support its district. They were able to transform the way they worked to address the requirements of the organization and provide the tools its employees would need, to ensure business continuance.

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