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The Perfect Complement to your Network Monitoring Solution

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OK, I know, that was a clickbait intro, but now that I’ve got you here, I’ll drop the news. Network Automation has received only 5 star reviews in the last 12 months.  If you’re familiar with Gartner peerinsights, you’ll know that they do a solid job in screening the reviews that hit their site to ensure over-zealous marketing folks and their paid shills aren’t polluting the results.  And, that’s what makes these reviews so powerful.

And, here’s another data point.  I was speaking to another firm that does peer-based research and the #1 feature as compared to competitors for Network Operations Management?  You guessed it, network configuration from the automation capabilities from Network Automation.

That’s why it is such a surprise when I compare the ownership of Network Node Manager and Network Automation and see that nearly 75% of NNMi owners don’t have our integrated automation capabilities either through ownership of Network Automation or Network Operations Management.

Besides the advanced capabilities to automatically manage config and OS for best practice and security, the most important capability is to drive faster incident resolution with our diagnostic analytics.





As part of our roll-out of our workflow-based UI (limited availability for NOM), we’ve identified where configuration changes can impact performance so operators can pinpoint the #1 cause of performance degradation and roll-back those changes or update to established best practices.

And, if that wasn’t enough, we’re just completing some research on the server side and 85% of our enterprise respondents indicated they apply security patches in response to attacks instead of proactively pushing patches before the damage is done by a hacker.  And, my guess is that if I asked network admins and network managers, their answer would be very similar to their server admin brethren. Here’s how our automation can help keep you more secure with “3-D Compliance”.

So, let’s wrap this up by returning from where we started, at Gartner.  They have a great research note called, “Gartner – NetOps 2.0: Embrace Network Automation and Analytics to Win in the Era of ContinuousNext” and it’s an excellent read around how automation is an essential component of the network management toolset.  So, enjoy that read from Gartner and embrace automation – we’re sure you’ll have a 5-star experience, too.

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