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Welcome to Micro Focus Operations Bridge 2022.05

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We are excited to announce the release of Micro Focus Operations Bridge 2022.05, our AIOps platform. You can increase visibility across your IT infrastructure as this release brings new features and enhancements to each edition of Operations Bridge—Classic, Container, and SaaS. Here’s what’s new, at a glance:

  • Hyperscale Cloud Observability (HCO)
  • Monitoring Control Center (MCC)
  • OPTIC Data Lake
  • Automatic Event Correlation (AEC)

Hyperscale Cloud Observability—New Name, New Capabilities

Our Cloud Monitoring function has a new name—Hyperscale Cloud Observability—to go along with its new capabilities. These new capabilities include Microsoft Azure monitoring, Kubernetes infrastructure monitoring, and new features for AWS monitoring.

Since Operations Bridge uses Kubernetes APIs directly, there is no need for external tools, such as Prometheus. But we added Prometheus Alert Manager integration, which is helpful when you use Prometheus for Kubernetes threshold monitoring. Now you can integrate Prometheus alerts as events into Operations Bridge Manager (OBM)—so as soon as the threshold-based alerts are generated on threshold violations, they are sent to the OBM Event Browser as OBM events.

We have increased the volume of third-party metric data that can be ingested by the OPTIC Data Lake. This update extends the Automatic Event Correlation capacity to the new data, speeding up root cause analysis and time to value for the latest deployment enhancements.

Also new—a Cloud Monitoring Admin UI (part of the new Monitoring Control Center, see below) for configuring the hyperscale AWS monitoring service.

New Monitoring Control Center

The new Monitoring Control Center (MCC) is designed to enhance the user experience, product usability and efficiency. It offers a unified configuration UI for remote monitoring that strengthens your control and provides visibility through a single pane of glass.

MCC is available for agentless monitoring and the Cloud Monitoring Admin UI for Amazon Web Services (AWS), with more capabilities to be added in future releases.

OPTIC Data Lake

With enhanced OPTIC Data Lake (DL) Open Data Ingestion, you can ingest data from different external data sources and store it in the OPTIC DL. Open Data Ingestion consists of a set of interfaces allowing you to store, aggregate, and perform linear forecasts of metric data. You can also monitor service health and review downtime-aware reporting and report scheduling in OPTIC Reporting.

Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA) now integrates with OPTIC Data Lake, which means you can install Classic OBA in cloud environments.

These interfaces are also used to integrate third-party data from Dynatrace and SolarWinds through our Integration Hub to break through silos and consolidate the view of your IT landscape.

Automatic Event Correlation Enhancements

Automated Event Correlation (AEC) now identifies the most severe event as the root cause. You can change this default behavior by selecting a different group event as the real root cause and AEC will remember your selected event when the next correlation occurs. This feature helps your organization identify the root problem faster, in less time.

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Try out our new release for yourself. Just ask your Micro Focus sales professional for a free trial of Operations Bridge – SaaS.

For more technical information about this release, please visit What’s New in Containerized Operations Bridge 2022.05.


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