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What's New in NOM, NA, and NNMi 2023.05

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Have you heard the good news? Network Operations Management (NOM), Network Node Manager i (NNMi), and Network Automation (NA) have all received significant improvements for the 2023.05 release. You can expect enhancements around SDN/SD-WAN support, OPTIC Data Lake scale and hardware requirements, UI and usability, customer-requested features, and NA platform modernization. This release also includes NNMi and NA license changes that deliver enhanced value and access to features previously available only in NOM.

Enhanced Support for SDN/SD-WAN

Cisco ACI users will benefit from improvements made to NOM’s ACI management capabilities. Individual ACI fabrics and APIC clusters for each fabric will be automatically grouped, allowing customers to filter incidents for each ACI fabric and resolve issues faster. We’ve also enhanced our APIC Incident Lifecycle capabilities to allow operators to better understand and respond to device events.

Viptela SD-WAN users will see additional value in 2023.05. Viptela SD-WAN fabric is now discovered via the controller (vManage), allowing for comprehensive visualization and monitoring in NNMi. Customers can also sync incidents with the controller via webhook.

OPTIC Data Lake Scale and Hardware Improvements

Customers with off-cloud deployments of the OPTIC Data Lake benefit from increased scale for Traffic iSPI—now supporting 20 million flow records per minute with pre-aggregated data. Despite the increased scale, customers will actually see their overall OPTIC Data Lake hardware requirements for Traffic iSPI reduced.

Additionally, NOM Reporting – SaaS customers now have the ability to scale to 30,000 nodes, allowing larger customers to reduce internal workloads.


UI and Usability—OPTIC Flex Reporting, Performance Troubleshooting, and iSPIs

Initially released in 2022.11, OPTIC Flex Reporting (OFR) speeds reporting to ensure full understanding of IT status, performance, and value while eliminating the need for a separate design tool. In 2023.05, we’ve updated the report designer to allow users to create reports by browsing available tables without requiring SQL knowledge. Also included are new, customizable reports for Traffic iSPI data for the OPTIC Data Lake.

This release includes improvements for multiple UI components. In Performance Troubleshooting, users can add multi-metrics table widgets and thresholds on the Performance Map. The QA and Traffic iSPIs have been refreshed to align to other UI components and create a more seamless experience for operators—enabling faster analysis and reduced MTTR.


Customer Requested Features

NOM and NNMi customers will see enhanced support for device telemetry as well as support for IP Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) for Teldat devices. For NOM and NA customers, IP-specific device data is now maintained even for dissimilar models and vendors when devices are replaced. This enhancement allows users to maintain a continuum of data to support audits and operational history.


Network Automation Platform Modernization

NA customers will benefit from a number of platform updates designed to enhance performance and stability:

  • Upgraded to Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3.
  • Updated Maverick Legacy Client, which supports Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Copy (SCP), and Secure File Transfer (SFTP) protocols.
  • Completed upgrades for the Java architecture, including the Java Runtime Environment, WildFly, & DOJO.


Enhanced Value with Licensing Entitlement Changes

In 2023.05, NNMi and NA users will gain entitlements previously available only to NOM licensees. Users of both products will benefit from 1/10 node licensing for nonmanaged devices, guided workflows (such as Incident Troubleshooting), support for containerized deployment, and access to change-correlated reporting (Diagnostic Analystics) in NNMi (requires NA license). NNMi Premium customers gain access to the NNMi Traffic iSPI, and NNMi Ultimate customers receive access to Operations Orchestration (upgraded from Network Engineers Toolkit).


From upgraded support for SDN/SD-WAN to the enhanced value delivered by our changes to Licensing Entitlement, there’s something for everyone in this release. To learn more, please join our product experts in our live What’s New in NOM 2023.05 webinar for a deep dive into NOM, NNMi, and NA 2023.05. In this webinar, you’ll also hear tips and tricks from our Professional Customer Success team for getting started with the OPTIC Data Lake.


Date:  Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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