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What’s new in OpenText IT Operations Cloud Server Automation

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OpenText Server Automation is a complete and heterogeneous lifecycle management solution for enterprise servers. With Server Automation you can standardize, consolidate, and automate server operations in hybrid data centers by providing a single solution for OS provisioning, security patch management, audit and compliance, configuration management, script execution and centralized access across Windows®, Linux, and UNIX® platforms. 

January 2024: What’s new in OpenText Server Automation CE 24.1 

This incremental release of Server Automation (SA) introduces new features, enhancements, and corrections. SA now offers Ansible Playbooks execution over the Server Automation infrastructure.

This integration allows Ansible users to consolidate and simplify automation management by having a unified Ansible deployment, a common inventory, and proven, scaled RBAC-permitted execution.

No additional OS accounts, network changes or credential management is required, and mesh-wide online/offline installation and upgrade of Ansible can be streamlined through the new Ansible Manager APX.

The SA UI client has had a refresh and now aligns with the ITOM portfolio delivering a modern look and enhanced user experience. This includes navigation sections now expandable in place, always-available search, and selectable autoscaling to support high-resolutions (4k, 8k).

The Audit and Remediation framework has been enhanced and refactored by minimizing payloads and removing unnecessary roundtrip calls, this improves scanning and remediation execution speed by 250% compared to the previous release for increased efficiency and performance.

Oracle multi-tenant container database (CDB) support has been introduced in this release. During SA installation, out-of-the-box Oracle scripts allow you to create a new CDB with one PDB, or use an existing PDB by modifying the scripts for both single or multi-core environments. This capability removes the need for SA admins/DBA’s to manually build the Oracle set-up and allows for a faster adoption.

Further extending the SA support matrix RHEL9 and OEL9 are now supported as core platforms.

Last but not least, the majority of third-party component versions used by Server Automation which have been updated, offering increased security, performance and new capability enablers. These include:

  • WildFly 30
  • openjdk 17
  • Python 3.11
  • Samba 4.17
  • OpenSSL 3.0.11-fips
  • oracledb:1.4.1:

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For detailed information about OpenText Server Automation CE 24.1 visit the ITOM Practitioner Portal.


Claudia Currie

Claudia is a senior product marketing manager for the ITOM Automation portfolio. For almost 25 years she has been helping IT executives and practitioners uncover the value and innovative opportunities of IT operations management solutions.


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