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What’s new in OpenText Operations Bridge

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OpenTextTm Operations Bridge is our AIOps platform that helps you improve your customer’s experience. It monitors your environment’s millions of data points and uses machine learning to surface the important issues in business context, then provides automation to remediate the problem. The platform includes SiteScope, Business Process Monitor (BPM) for synthetic monitoring, Real User Monitor (RUM), it is built-on OPTIC UI, and OPTIC Data Lake.

Operations Bridge can be deployed in the OpenText public cloud SaaS, OpenText private cloud, or on-premises (in your data center or cloud account).

The OpenText public cloud SaaS editions are Operations Bridge Premium, Operations Bridge Reporting, Business Process Monitor, and OpScope.

What’s new in Operations Bridge 24.1?

The Operations Bridge Suite 24.1 release presents a new product and  an incremental update in content (for containerized and non-containerized OpsBridge), fixes for security vulnerabilities for containerized OpsBridge and OPTIC Data Lake, and key functional customer issues. The following is available with this release:

Application Observability

Application Observability is a new product built on OpenTelemetry, an industry standard for application trace, metric, and log data.  

  • Improves data exploration across applications, microservices, transactions, and APIs.
  • Delivers dynamic baselines: Understand what is normal and what is not normal for errors, latencies, and throughputs.
  • Provides better insight into how one transaction triggers other transactions.
  • Displays logs for a service.
  • Gives customers the flexibility to utilize their own open source OpenTelemetry Collector instead of the one we provide.

Operations Bridge management packs and connectors

  • vROps management pack - Reduce your storage requirements with daily and hourly summarization to enable a lower retention period of raw data for vROps metrics.
  • MySQL management pack - Gain awareness of MySQL cluster degradation and replication services with the newly added Unified Content for MySQL Management Pack
  • Oracle database management pack - Improve Oracle database performance by catching long-running queries and broken jobs in your Oracle database with our enhanced Oracle database monitoring.
  • SCOM Connector - Improved admin experience through the new unified UI to install, deploy, and configure from OBM.

Operations Bridge Reporting  

  • Gain better control your reporting in Operations Bridge SaaS with new role-based access in Flex Reporting and BYOBI.
  • Security updates
  • Security updates - Keep your Operations Bridge secure with management pack updates to cover the latest security threats.
  • OPTIC Data Lake security updates to help protect your data and environment.


  • Upgrading is easier than ever with backward-compatible version support for Operations Bridge on-prem and OPTIC Data Lake.

What’s new in Operations Bridge 23.4?

Cloud observability enhancements for cloud operations and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)

There are significant enhancements in this release for cloud observability. We’ve announced OpScope, a public cloud SaaS-based observability tool for end-to-end monitoring of cloud-native and hybrid applications. All the features of OpScope are also available in Operations Bridge, but OpScope is tailored to cloud operations and SRE teams.

SiteScope now supports tags to connect cloud and on-premises applications and can propagate that application data to Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) for OpScope.

The high-performance hyperscale observability collector used by Operations Bridge and OpScope has out-of-the-box support for applications using Kubernetes, Prometheus, and VMware collection in addition to monitoring cloud providers—minimizing blind spots across all infrastructure monitoring.

Carbon footprint insights

Operations Bridge now collects carbon usage information from cloud instances. And the HPE OneView Connector 23.4, redesigned for OBM monitoring, collects carbon usage metrics for on-premises resources. This data helps users manage their carbon footprint more effectively.

 Figure 1 – Insights on carbon usage from cloud and on-premises resources in Operations Bridge

The integration of the OBM Event Browser in the Service Management Automation X (SMAX) UI gives incident managers access to all the event data about a CI.

Features specific to OpenText Cloud SaaS

  • OpenText Private Cloud adds VPN support to connect Operations Bridge in the private cloud to the customers’ network—increasing security and simplifying deployment.
  • Multivariate Anomaly Detection (MVAD) for Azure Cloud Services uses machine learning and comprehensive analytics to quickly identify subtle anomalies in complex data sets. MVAD already supports AWS.
  • Users can self-customize workflows by crafting time-saving EPI scripts, TBEA scripts, and integrations with third-party tools.
  • You can now view audit logs directly without the OpenText Cloud Operations team—saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • OBM graphing of agent metrics via the Edge component for OpenText Cloud reduces the datacenter footprint by removing the need for a datacenter OBM instance to graph performance metrics.

For more information, please visit the Operations Bridge What’s New or the Operations Bridge documentation.

For detailed information on supported components, versions, software/hardware requirements, as well as obsolescence announcements, please take a look at the latest Operations Bridge support matrices.

Operations Bridge 23.4 will be available in October 2024.


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