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What's New in OpenText OpScope

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Introducing OpenText OpScope

Everything is new because OpenTextTm OpScope is a brand-new product.

As more applications are moving to cloud environments, the complexity of managing them has increased. That's why we developed OpScope, a public-cloud, SaaS-based observability tool for end-to-end monitoring of cloud-native and hybrid applications.

All OpScope features are also available in OpenText Operations Bridge, but OpScope is tailored to cloud operations and SRE teams.

October 2023: Announcing OpenText OpScope 23.4


What do you get with OpenText OpScope?

OpScope enables IT teams to use Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices and accelerate cloud application troubleshooting with guided workflows. As a result, they can successfully meet their service commitments and control innovation velocity. Let’s dive into the details.

Clear observability

Using the power of OpenTelemetry, OpScope gives you a granular understanding of why a slowdown has occurred. It traces error rates, latency, and microservice version impacts to deepen your insights into user experiences across distributed systems.

SRE skillsets

With the rise of cloud-native applications, the SRE skillset is in high demand. But IT teams don’t have the time to build expertise in complex, developer-focused tools. That’s why OpScope provides guided workflows to quickly transition IT teams to SRE-based practices for better cloud and application troubleshooting. With the troubleshooting assistance of guided workflows, upskilled IT teams can achieve their service commitments while controlling innovation velocity.

Metrics that matter

You can optimize application performance with prebuilt dashboards—or drag-and-drop to create your own without any complex SQL queries. Your dashboard helps you easily monitor the application metrics you care about so you never miss a problem.

Accelerated time to value

OpScope is a SaaS solution that delivers a unified approach to monitoring and troubleshooting. Lightweight and easy to implement, it gets SRE teams up and running quickly.

Ready to spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating?

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