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What’s New in OpenText Universal Discovery and CMDB

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OpenTextTm Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB discovers, maps, and manages your IT configurations and can be deployed on-premises or via SaaS. Increase your IT visibility and reduce your IT service disruptions with robust discovery, service dependency mapping, and proactive impact analysis.

Universal Discovery and CMDB 24.1 Release

In January, a new, containerized only release introduced improvements to the capability, security, and functionality of Universal Discovery and CMDB.

Administration and supportability

  • Improvements to the REST APIs
    • The GET /topology API is now enhanced and exposed in Swagger UI.
  • Purgeable CIs supported in deletion scenarios
    • When the Enhanced CI Lifecycle solution is enabled, if a deletion action is triggered in UCMDB for a CI that is in use in SMAX, instead of being deleted, the CI remains in UCMDB and its discovery state is updated to Purgeable.
  • JMX access control under multi-customer mode
    • Added a new JMX method to the allowlist for multi-customer deployments which allow you to see the detailed versions of the Inventory Discovery Knowledge pack components installed in your tenant. 
  • UI rebranding to align with OpenText styles
    • Restyled the About page to align with OpenText styles. 

Content Pack 24.1

Content Pack 24.1 has some great new enhancements and integrations and new platform support that will interest all Universal Discovery and CMDB customers.

As a note, Content Pack 24.1 can be installed with previous versions of Universal Discovery and CMDB, namely 24.3 and 2023.05 with required hotfix.  This content pack can also be installed with both classic and containerized versions of Universal Discovery and CMDB that were listed above.

New capabilities to the existing discoveries

This release introduces the following enhancements to the discoveries.

PowerApps discovery

  • Added the capability to decide whether to discover attributes including the Power Apps canvas application's owner email address and owner type using a new parameter discoverPersonalInformation for the PowerApps Discovery job.
  • Added the capability to use Admin cmdlets for the PowerApps Discovery job to discover more attributes on PowerApps Canvas ApplicationPowerApps ConnectionPowerApps Connection, and Powerapps Environment.

Microsoft Azure AKS Cluster discovery

  • Enhanced the Microsoft Azure AKS Cluster discovery to support Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 1.24.x to 1.28.x (all the current versions of AKS available). (Idea 2875289)

VMware vRealize Operations discovery

  • Enhanced the VMware vRealize Operations discovery to discover Network Interface Controllers (NICs), assigned ESXi server IPs, and their relationships. (Idea 2876352)
  • Added to the VMware vROps Topology by WebServices job the capability to discover VM's inventory information for the designated OS types without the need for Universal Discovery Agent (UDA) or agent-less discovery: a new parameter reportVmInventoryForOS has been introduced to report Core numberCPU VendorCpuClockSpeedCpuType, and OS-related attributes on Node. (Idea 2876355)

VMware Infrastructure discovery

New integration

This release introduces a new integration.

MS Intune Pull integration

Support for new platforms

Added UD Agent and scanner support for:

  • ARM64/AArch64 Linux
  • Mac OS 13
  • Mac OS 14

Universal Discovery and CMDB 23.4 Release

And for those that missed reading about the latest release available for classic deployment here is quick recap of what is available in that release too.

Data Management, Visualization & Reporting

  • Enrichment Manager in CMS UI with full support for Join/Calculated/Compound links in CMS UI
  • Global Search makes it easier and faster to find the information you need
  • Network scope management in Discovery UI
  • Import/Export IP ranges in Discovery UI
  • Show integration point log in CMS UI
  • Show error message for integration job and query in CMS UI
  • Link from discovery job to its adapter in CMS UI
  • Remove automatic job dependency check in Discovery UI
  • Search by "CI" on triggers table
  • Show custom discovery jobs in CMS UI
  • Deployment support for Containerized CMS on AWS
  • Visualization of DCA compliance and vulnerability status in Modeling widget
  • Capture of user login/logout audit events
  • Export of all topology maps as SVG graphic file
  • Documentation for discovery jobs will show any dependent jobs that are required prior to running the selected job.

SaaS Platform

  • Download access to DFP and Local Client from CMS UI
  • Access to JMX, API reference and Class Model via CMS UI
  • Additional “self-service” JMX methods for license visibility, IP import/export and Discovery Statistics

Service and Dependency Mapping Discovery

  • Oracle Cloud (OCI)
  • ContainerD discovery
  • Google Cloud discovery (GKE by Labels, Docker Image by Asset Inventory)
  • Proxy server certificate trust for AWS and Azure discovery
  • Improved installed software discovery on containers
  • Replicate AWS, Azure and GCP Cloud Service content to ServiceNow

Software and Hardware Discovery and Integration

  • Detailed JRE/JDK version detection by scanner
  • Detailed Java application version detection by scanner
  • Windows 11 ARM discovery
  • N+1 probe support
  • Oracle LMS improvements
  • Blade server and enclosure relationships
  • Faster replication between UCMDB instances
  • Deploy sample data into SaaS via Package Manager


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