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Kickstart Your Cloud Savings with OpenText’s FinOps Fast-Track Program

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For 3 months, enjoy free access to OpenText’s FinOps solution on SaaS.

Offered for a limited time only, our FinOps Fast-Track Program helps you identify cloud waste and cut cloud spend, leveraging the advanced automation and analytics in our FinOps solution.

On average, 30% of cloud spend is wasted. FinOps  is a management practice that optimizes the financial performance of cloud computing. It promotes shared responsibility for cloud costs across IT, DevOps, Finance, and other business teams. And it enables a data-driven approach to cloud financial decision-making. 

Start your FinOps journey—free of charge

Our FinOps Fast-Track Program helps you accelerate FinOps time to value and uncover cloud-savings opportunities. For three months, you can put OpenText’s FinOps solution to work in your organization—and enjoy complete implementation support—for free. You can also access emerging features and influence ongoing feature development to ensure maximum business value upon release. This complimentary offer is available for a limited time only, so don’t wait to sign up.

What you can expect from the program

Aimed at helping you build a successful practice, our FinOps Fast-Track Program delivers:

  1. Improved visibility into existing spend across major cloud providers—by users, accounts and departments.
  2. Greater spending efficiency in the cloud, with reporting on realized savings and optimizations.
  3. Established tools and practices for streamlined financial operations.
  4. Dedicated, personalized support and a valuable learning experience.

 The program fully adheres to the FinOps Foundations framework and covers all three FinOps phases: 

  1. Inform: We create instant cloud cost transparency, via our cross-cloud and role-enabled showback reports.
  2. Optimize: We help you optimize your cloud rates, e.g. via our unique smart what-if analyses for savings plans.
  3. Operate: We help you reduce your cloud waste, leveraging our powerful workflow-driven cloud usage optimization engine.

We’re in this together

The success of your implementation is important to us. That’s why our subject matter experts work closely with a designated person or team from your organization to implement use cases, assess value, and address feedback throughout the three-month period. From you, we’ll need access to relevant cloud billing data (scope to be agreed on) and permission to use your organization’s name and logo in a public success story. After three months, if your organization decides to continue using our solution, OpenText account managers will work with you to agree on new business terms.

Next Steps: Learn more or try if for free

Experience it for yourself. Try the OpenText FinOps Fast-Track Program—free of charge. Our dedicated team is ready to support every step of your FinOps implementation. To apply for the program or to learn more about it, contact us here.

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