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Unlock the power of the hybrid IT model with Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM)

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torres-1670879_640.jpgMicro Focus’ Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) platform enables IT companies and service providers to efficiently design, develop, provision, and manage custom-architected hybrid services.

The core capabilities of the HCM suite streamlines the entire delivery process across a hybrid environment. Its centralized self-service portal empowers IT teams and users with enterprise-grade multi-tenancy options and customizable access permissions for better control.

One of Micro Focus’ customers, a Serbian telecommunications provider, successfully established a modern, self-care cloud marketplace across three countries using HCM. The platform’s self-service catalog options enabled its business and residential customers to easily leverage IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services with accelerated service delivery. With HCM, the cloud admins just had to select and aggregate public cloud offerings and place them in a centralized catalog for users to access services on-demand.

The HCM suite provides fully customizable automated phase-gates to track service delivery, usage, and costs incurred in various environments (development, testing, and production). It helps enterprises manage and optimize their hybrid delivery workflows. While IT operations teams speed up service delivery, DevOps teams get to identify problems in their source code at an early stage.

The pre-integrated automation platform enables system architects and cloud admins to orchestrate and automate IT processes end-to-end. Besides, the resource overview dashboard gives Central IT complete visibility into all the deployed services and allows them to optimize resource utilization using policy governance and showback reporting.


Accelerated delivery and continuous innovation are and will continue to be at the heart of digital transformation. IT leaders seeking digital empowerment must reimagine their current approach towards service delivery and infrastructure operations. Embracing hybrid cloud models will help them elevate their IT status and stay relevant throughout the technology-driven, customer-led disruption.

Delivering a wide array of hybrid IT services at a faster time-to-market has never been easier. Manage and deploy anything-as-a-service (XaaS) with Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) today.


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