2020 is the year to upgrade your UCMDB

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Ah, 2020!  It certainly has been an “interesting” year so far.  While there are many technological concerns for organizations around the globe—your UCMDB shouldn’t be one of them.  And for the most part—it isn’t.  It’s stable.  It works. It’s dependable.  And like many, you’ve probably customized and tweaked it for your environment.  Why in the world should you ever upgrade if it’s working?

Despite concerns about upgrades possibly destroying your customization or simply not working as smoothly as your dependable UCDMB, now is the time to upgrade, especially if you are on an older version.  The reason: several versions are moving through the support lifecycle– which you need to be aware of.

In January 2019, UCMDB 10.2x reach the end of committed support, which means no new defect support or security updates are being made available to customers unless they have Extended Support Plus plan in place.  Even with that, there are no new enhancement request for any of the 10.2x versions.

But of more note, in October 2020 (just a few short months away), UCMDB version 10.3x will also move out of committed support. 

And in January of 2021, UCMDB 10.2x  is currently scheduled to move out of Extended Support which means you will no longer be able to call into Micro Focus for technical support on that product without a custom support plan specific to that version.

All in all– if you are on any of those versions– it would be a wise time to consider upgrading to the latest version of UCMDB, which is available in the CMS 2020.08 release.  That release is both available as a “stand alone” version as well as included in many of our popular ITOM product suites like SMAX.

But moving to the latest version of Universal Discovery and UCMDB also allows you to take advantage of the new licensing model.  And there are some new capabilities of that licensing model that makes it attractive to upgrade.  They are:

  • Oracle LMS discovery (at no additional charge)
    You no longer are required to purchase a separate license to enable you to collect Oracle data in support of audits – this is now included with Premium Discovery
  • Simpler licensing model (1 license type instead of 2)
    You no longer have to predict the number of servers that will be inventoried or fully discovered.  The unit can be used (and reused) in either way, allowing you to receive optimum value for your discovery
  • Just-in-time consumption
    Discovery now consumes 0.1 unit by default, and only increases if you run Premium discovery jobs against the server.  License consumption exactly matches your need in real time.
  • Protection from over-discovering workstations
    Discovery of workstations will only consume 0.1 units per workstation, regardless of the discovery job that is run against the workstation
  • Reduced license restrictions
    You now have full access to all discovery UI capabilities, regardless if you’re performing inventory discovery or full discovery.

Needless to say, upgrading and moving to the new licensing structure will benefit your organization with better, more comprehensive discovery and Universal Discovery capabilities all around. 


While 2020 has been a whirlwind, you should be keeping the technologies current so you have the ability to adapt and support your organization during such uncertain times.  Upgrading your UCMDB to the latest version allows you take advantage of new capabilities as well as know you’re able to call in for support as well as receive critical security patches.  Upgrade your UCMDB today!


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