5 Success Stories About How ITSM Helps in Digital Transformation

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5 customers from 5 countries and industries explain why they use SMAX and how it helps them move forward with their digital transformation journeys. 

Digital Transformation requires automating workflows

McKinsey has found out that the current pandemic, COVID-19, accelerated digital transformation across every industry by an average of 7 years. Many companies were forced into it by supporting work from home and contact-free interactions with customers. The progressive companies with future proof vision know that digital transformation is vital to sustain and increase growth. As a necessary part of the digital transformation in companies, back-office transformation means meeting the employee expectations regarding user experience and speed to deliver new service and resolve issues. Self-service, autonomy, working on any device, and finding information instantly are the table stakes. This requires automating workflows, so employees have more time to focus on more strategic work, such as customer relationship and smoother internal communications. Automated workflows which ensure high quality of services and engaging user experience keep employees motivated and enthusiastic.

In this post, you can read five customer’s stories about how they use technology to progress their digital transformation journey. Five customers from five countries and industries explain why they use Micro Focus SMAX to achieve:

  • Shorter resolution times and improve the efficiency of all IT and non-IT employees
  • Well organized and coherent self-service based on AI and machine learning
  • Keeping the wheels of justice turning in a global crisis
  • Process alignment in merger
  • Evolution and modernization of IT

Zurich Airport (Flughafen Zürich)

Zurich Airport is the largest international airport in Switzerland and the principal hub of Swiss International Air Lines. Before SMAX, the customer used a legacy service desk. When the vendor announced the solution’s end-of-support, Zurich Airport decided to replace it with SMAX because it easily integrated with their existing environment and enabled staff collaboration. With SMAX, this customer introduced a solid IT service management foundation to gain transparency for improved and faster issue resolution and service fulfillment. They implemented automated workflows for over 100 job categories, from bus drivers to baggage system engineers. SMAX provides IT services to over 1,700 users through a single portal for all their IT service requests. More than 2,500 tickets are processed each month by 130 agents.

The customer can streamline IT and non-IT processes and plan to introduce SMAX to other departments besides IT. The complete integration capabilities for monitoring and alarm systems helped them reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), and the feature “Live Support” drives faster resolution time. The end-users love SMAX because it’s easy to use self-service and quickly find the information via smart search. In addition, standardization and automation are helping faster fulfill IT services. Read the full airport story.


Petroleum Development Oman (شركة تنمية نفط عمان)

The leading exploration and production company in Oman, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), delivers most of the country’s crude oil production and natural gas supply. They used HP Service Manager for 10 years which became over-customized and became challenging to maintain and upgrade. As part of the digital transformation efforts, PDO wanted to give users more power, reduce their dependency on IT teams, and fully automate service delivery. They decide to move to SMAX because it offers efficient self-service to employees, including AI-based virtual agents, smart contextual search, and a single portal and catalog for all services. The customer sunset the standalone Asset Manager because SMAX offers ITAM capabilities out-of-the-box. IT agents are more productive through AI-based automated ticket resolutions, and process managers use smart analytics to identify root cause and trends in no time. PDO IT is now able to pre-empt future requests and fix issues before users get affected. The communications department, which manages PDO’s Intranet and social media channels, was the first non-IT department to start using SMAX to automate their processes. The process owners created the workflow for social media in one hour. PDO implemented SMAX together with Micro Focus Professional services in the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic. PDO believes SMAX is the best-integrated platform in the industry, fully automated, which delivers transparency, availability, and convenience to their business users. Read the entire oil and gas story.


Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories Brazil (Tribunal de Justiça do Distrito Federal e dos Territórios)

Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories Brazil (TJDFT) is a state government organization that administers legal services, including certifications, financial transaction assistance, and court services. After years of using a legacy ITSM tool, they needed a modern solution to simplify IT and non-IT service management, decrease issue resolution time, empower users with self-service, and reduce costs. Micro Focus SMAX addressed all these needs and also offered IT asset management out of the box. Soon after going into production, TJDFT measured a big success: the first contact issue resolution rate increased from 9% pre-SMAX to 45% with SMAX. This customer also achieved 40% annual cost savings through simplified service management.

Once the benefits of SMAX became known across the company, other departments asked to automate their non-IT processes with the solution. It’s an interesting case that the staff opens a ticket in SMAX to order the meals when a jury cannot leave the courtroom.

When COVID-19 hit the world in March 2020, the ITSM department created a “work from home” toolkit in a day by using the codeless capabilities, automation, and intuitive portal to present the information. Working remotely was not a disruption for TJDFT.  Employees extensively use SMAX self-service, including smart search, virtual agent, “ask-a-friend”, and “feedback from other users”. IT staff uses hot topic and change analytics to quickly identify trends in the requests and create targeted knowledge articles. SMAX enabled digital transformation at TJDFT and gave the team the agility to be proactive related to changes in a remote working model. Read the full court of justice story.


NCBA Bank Kenya Plc, a forerunner of innovation in the banking space, is the largest bank in the East African region with over 35 million customers.

Two African banks, NIC and CBA, merged and formed NCBA. The new bank needed to connect people and processes across the big organization, and the tool in place, Remedy, did not have the required functionality and modern architecture. The business demanded better and faster customer engagement while hiding the complex infrastructure beneath it. Together with the partner Hakken, NCBA replaced BMC with Micro Focus SMAX in just six weeks-which proved unparalleled time-to-value of SMAX. The customer uses the complete set of SMAX functionalities, including the smart virtual agent, service asset, and configuration management (SACM). The modern and comprehensive self-service offered in SMAX immediately reduced ticket traffic and improved employee satisfaction. The automated workflows underpinned by embedded AI reduced the issue resolution time by 50%. The customer decreased the TCO while increasing their users’ autonomy to request and use 750 catalog services from mobile apps or desktops. The IT department keeps an eye on the satisfaction pulse through SMAX surveys, which are automatically processed and give insights into employee expectations and the perception of the delivered services. Read the whole bank story.


Multinational retail organization

French multinational corporation specialized in retail with a global presence of over 12,000 physical stores and 13+ million customers per day is working towards being the next global food e-commerce leader. To realize this plan, they needed to streamline IT processes and consolidate all ITSM tools used across different countries.

The customer selected Micro Focus SMAX as the solution for their ESM and ITSM needs and implemented it in the central IT, HR department, and affiliate bank on three tenants in Google Cloud. Moving several ITSM solutions into SMAX has reduced the TCO drastically. Today, 150,000 employees submit over 50,000 tickets per month via SMAX, of which 10,000 tickets are non-IT related. Thanks to SMAX Studio and the seamless and easy creation of custom workflows and apps, this customer could accelerate issue resolution and service delivery.

This customer works with many 3rd parties to offer added-value services in their stores, such as parcel pick-up. The parcel pick-up process was typically done between the individual stores and the courier partners. This made it impossible to impose service levels or manage escalations centrally. In just a couple of days, the customer designed and implemented a SMAX automated workflow to share the relevant information based on established rules and defined incident categories to work directly with the delivery companies. This enabled the stores to manage the end-to-end process, performance, and escalations independently of headquarter and provide a clear and user-friendly service that provided central insights and accountability at each step for the stores.

A more advanced example of where SMAX has added value is the preapproval process for store expenses. Previously every expense had to go through a manual and paper-based process involving sending signed copies by post. This took, on average, two weeks. The IT team replicated this process in SMAX for preapproval. Although the workflow was relatively simple, the rules were complex, involving the budgetary amount, type of expense, and different business unit rules and locations. Ultimately, the workflow needed to be integrated with HR data to establish different authority levels by the employee. Once completed, the SMAX-powered process proved to be a huge saver for the environment as it is now entirely paper-free. Now the expense approvals are done within a day. When we consider the customer processes 6,000 preapprovals every month, you can imagine the savings made. Read the full retail story.

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