Announcing CMS 2019.02

by in IT Operations Management

Happy New Year!  Ok, it’s not quite the New Year, but there is a new release for Micro Focus CMS and another reason to celebrate!  Version 2019.02 has released with 3 themes: Cloud, Policy and Compliance, and Core Discovery updates:


New deployment support is now available for both Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.  Cloud discovery has also been expanded for Oracle cloud, Amazon Web Services (Lambda, API Gateway and Security Group), Google Cloud (VMs from asset inventory) as well as Azure performance improvements and improved data collection.

Policy and Compliance

Policy management enhancements now allow CI level policy definitions and compliancy reporting.  Query designer now includes filtering by CI types with instances, a Save As feature to edit queries and create new ones (vs. overwriting existing) and querying based on enum type, allowing more powerful queries.

Core Discovery

For all the Linux fans out there, Linux-based discovery of cloud and virtualization is here!  Pick your favorite flavor of Linux to run discovery.  Kubernetes and OpenShift users can now do Quota discovery.  On the storage side of things, USB storage and PureStorage are now discoverable.  New version support for macOS 10.14 Mojave and Ubuntu 18.04.

Idea Exchange

You asked for it, and now you get it, here’s a quick rundown of the new features that were requested by users.  Improved RESTful APIs can be used for authentication with LDAP users.  A 32-bit version of CMS local clients is available. Keys in ECDSA format for SSH protocols are now supported.


Discovery & CMDB
  • Hello!

    When will be the CIT uCMDB Connector support for this 2019.02 version available?

    And for uCMDB 2018.11? It is still not available yet also :-(

    It would be necessery to follow the new uCMDB versions by CIT Connector updates more quickly...