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Announcing Operations Bridge – SaaS, the fast path to AIOps

by Micro Focus Employee in IT Operations Management

Today Operations Bridge moves to SaaS. The Operations Bridge – SaaS news release summarizes the announcement. In this post, we'll get into the details.

Micro Focus today announced the release of Operations Bridge – SaaS, combining the company's proven Full-Stack AIOps platform with the agility of software-as-a-service. This new offering enables IT organizations to gain complete observability, resolve problems faster, drive efficiencies with automation, and transform their data into actionable insights.

Why SaaS

More specifically, why Operations Bridge (OpsBridge). First, we've listened to your requests; you've asked for an easier way to get to the value of OpsBridge, and SaaS is the fastest way to do that.

Over the last four years, we have added to the value of OpsBridge with quarterly releases. But some customers have processes that don't allow that many updates in that short timeframe or are short on resources. With SaaS, we update with every release as well as hotfixes and security fixes. You are up-to-date, running the latest software, so you can take advantage of the latest new features without doing the work of upgrades.

Some of our innovations required additional resources, which meant capital requests. With SaaS, we run the infrastructure; increases in infrastructure are on us, not you.

Before and after moving to SaaS

Let's talk about how Operations Bridge – SaaS is deployed. One difference between typical SaaS, like Microsoft 365, and monitoring software is the need for data collection near or on the monitored equipment. Figure 1 shows the main functions of OpsBridge on-premises.

Figure 1 Operations Bridge before moving to SaaS

Figure 2 shows the division of labor in a SaaS deployment.  The collection stays on-site, the rest moves to our SaaS cloud infrastructure.

Figure 2 - After moving to Operations Bridge – SaaS

The move is a lift and shift, and you keep all your data, configuration, and collections. Your users see the same screens and use the same actions. There is no retraining, you maintain your integrations, and you leverage your existing policies. It is not a new deployment.

SaaS details

In figure 3, we have a more detailed view.

Figure 3 – Details of Operations Bridge – SaaS

Below the green dashed line is on-site, and above is the SaaS cloud.

Starting with the green box, lower left, we have what stays on-site. An Operations Bridge Manager (OBM) will collect all the events from agents, SiteScope, APM collectors, network (via Network Operations Manager or an integration), etc. A partial list of integrations is shown in the purple box on the right. And users who previously connected to the on-site system will now connect to the SaaS cloud.

The SaaS OBM is a manager of managers, so each site will connect to the SaaS cloud if you have multiple sites.

In the SaaS cloud is the OPTIC Data Lake, ingesting the data passed to it from the on-site collectors. AI-enabled automated event correlation and other correlations, console services, and OPTIC reports and dashboards are also now in the SaaS cloud.

In the upper right is ITSM integration. Today we integrate with SMAX SaaS or ServiceNow. More integrations will be added over time. For more information on integrations, see the Operations Bridge – SaaS announcement webinar

Finally, in the upper left is DevOps Ready Observability covering OpsBridge's ability to participate in X as Code. That is, deploying monitors as part of deploying an application with code, taking data from applications as part of monitoring as code, and deploying/building specific dashboards with code for the Dev team.

Operations Bridge SaaS Management

One of the significant benefits of SaaS is that someone else does the management. With Operations Bridge – SaaS, we manage on-premises software, including the collectors in addition to the SaaS cloud. That means we do the release updates, hotfixes, and security updates for the software components in your facility.

Take the next step, contact your Micro Focus representative to discuss the details or get a demonstration or trial.

Explore the full capabilities of Operations Bridge by looking at these pages on our Practitioner Portal: Operations Bridge ManagerSiteScopeOperations AgentOperations Connector (OpsCx), and Application Performance Management (APM).


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