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While most companies focus on digital transformation and need to deliver services for their customers and employees faster, they all still need to maintain stability and security. Running the business must remain smooth. Micro Focus SaaS meets that need. With Micro Focus SaaS, you have access to a wide array of enterprise software and the resources you need to help you deliver solutions to your business. One of the Micro Focus SaaS products is SMAX, a single, cloud-native solution for ITSM, enterprise service management (ESM), and IT asset management (ITAM). SMAX is a modern product that has been engineered for security, reliability, and scalability, running the automated processes, workflows, and tasks. Its configuration is entirely codeless, making it convenient for process owners to design new workflows and apps without coding. The entire codeless configurations assure seamless upgrades.

Digital transformation has a technology component, and with more software in companies, there is a more need for a service desk. However, service desk in digital businesses must be much more efficient and flexible than before. SMAX delivers the consumer-app-like experience when requesting a service or self-resolving without opening a support ticket or calling in. The support desk agents get help from AI-based, automated capabilities to resolve tickets faster and more accurately. Employees that open fewer support tickets and support staff that resolve tickets faster are the happier workforce. SMAX SaaS offers even further benefits to our customers, including:

  • Freedom to focus on business instead of technical installations and software upgrades
  • Faster and easier implementations
  • Always using the latest software version without delays or upgrade hassles
  • Relying on proven security and certifications
  • Decreasing CapEx and staying flexible with subscription payments

Let’s take a deeper look at what you get with SMAX as a service.

SMAX on SaaS Overview

Our customers use SMAX SaaS to address their needs for:

  • ITSM
  • Extended Service Management (HR, Facilities, Legal, and other business function support)
  • Software and hardware asset management
  • Discovery and configuration management

We plan to add hybrid cloud management and other automation use cases as a service soon.

Customers have with SMAX the unparalleled time to value through entirely codeless configurations and hosting in the cloud. Onboarding new teams and delivering new services are speedy. The SaaS operations team upgrades all customers to the latest release, typically every three months. While possible, it’s unlikely that on-premises customers conduct upgrades so often and fast.

The following table shows the SaaS editions based on customer’s needs.

Most of our customers use the premium SMAX SaaS capability and can utilize best practice ITSM and ITAM processes and apps, HR app, and create their own apps. SMAX has a native CMDB, and when customers need discovery or software asset management as a service, they do not need to deploy anything on-premises.

For customers who only need ITSM or ITAM, we offer appropriate editions, SMAX Express SaaS and Asset Management X (AMX) SaaS. Each of the three SaaS editions requires Foundation on which we expand the capabilities to address the needed use cases. Foundation includes some free user units: SMAX Premium SaaS 50 units, SMAX Express SaaS 20, and AMX SaaS 5. Micro Focus is the only vendor that offers for free the capability to create new apps, CMDB, non-production tenants, and a significant number of user licenses.

Universal Discovery and SAM on SaaS

SaaS customers can extend SMAX with discovery capabilities. Market-leading Micro Focus Universal Discovery (UD) offers both agent-based and agentless discovery. SMAX SaaS customers can deploy the discovery probes in their environment, and discovered data is pulled back into the SaaS solution and utilized in SMAX or AMX. We offer two SaaS discovery options: premium discovery and asset discovery. Premium discovery has a broad range of capabilities, and customers use it to understand what’s in their data centers. Asset discovery is focused on standard inventory and software installed on computers. Customers can mix and match both discovery options. The following table shows the capabilities covered by premium discovery and asset discovery.

Software Asset Management (SAM) has become a mandatory discipline in companies that want to avoid expensive and unpleasant license audits if only to circumvent the newspaper headlines. Of course, we offer SAM capabilities as a service. Micro Focus SAM SaaS allows customers to efficiently manage the software titles and stay compliant with the most significant vendors they work with, like Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM. SAM is available as a standalone offering, but customers can also subscribe to it in a bundle with asset discovery SaaS. Customers need a subscription to either SMAX or AMX.

Micro Focus SaaS Operations

We at Micro Focus use SMAX SaaS as our ESM system. Our SaaS operations team formed 20 years ago, manages SMAX SaaS for our customers and our business.

Customers can select from which world location they want to use SMAX as a service, including the US, Germany, and Australia. We comply with the industry standard of 99.9% availability and provide our customers with the health dashboard link to view the service status, incidents, planned maintenance schedule, and SLA history. SMAX SaaS is SOC2 certified.

Our partners can resell Micro Focus SMAX SaaS as their service and provide localized support, customer success, and implementation services.

Customers can try SMAX SaaS for free for 14 days with the complete set of features without limitations.

Moving from on-premises to SaaS

To all of our SMAX on-premises or SMAX on public cloud customers, we offer a free service to help move to SaaS. This free service has three phases:

  1. Micro Focus SaaS team works with the customer’s project team to create a plan of the move to SaaS. Our team learns about customer’s setup and makes sure the customer understands all the differences between the SaaS and on-premises or public cloud
  2. Our SaaS team works with the customer’s project team to perform an end-to-end move of the production tenant into SaaS. Think of this like a dry-run. The customer’s project team performs user acceptance testing (UAT) and prepares go-live. Our team records the time it takes for the overall move. This helps make sure that phase 3 goes smoothly.
  3. Production go-live on SaaS by repeating the steps from phase 2. Typically this happens a couple of weeks after the customer completes the UAT.

SMAX Flex Licensing Even Flexier in SaaS!

We have recently introduced SaaS Flex licensing, which you can think of it as Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) for SaaS. The customers pay upfront for Flex contracts, which gives them many Flex credits. Each month, the customer can decide how to spend these “vouchers” on Micro Focus SaaS offerings. This provides unparalleled flexibility for customers because they can flex-up or flex-down using the SaaS applications and so accommodate their business changes without the hassle of getting new contracts or new licenses.

When a SMAX SaaS customer first does the testing followed by go live, they do not immediately need the full subscription capacity in the first couple of months. Many SaaS licenses are wasted in a typical situation with most other vendors, and the money is spent but not used. Not so with Micro Focus SaaS. SaaS Flex helps customers accommodate that ramp-up period so that the customer always pays only for what’s used-as in a standard software-as-a-service definition. Customers can use their SaaS Flex credits for any Micro Focus SaaS products and change the number of license units per product each month.

SMAX on SaaS through AWS

Customers can subscribe to Micro Focus SMAX SaaS through AWS Marketplace. This is especially beneficial for AWS customers that participate in the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). Companies with a commitment to AWS can apply the budget to the purchase of SMAX SaaS. Our SMAX SaaS price and terms are available on AWS Marketplace, public, and available for everyone to see it.

If you are new to SMAX, you need to know that our licenses are based on the user that accesses the system. We do not charge for business users and managers that only access the self-service portal and perform the approvals. Your admins, service desk staff and integration engineers typically need named-user licenses because they need to access SMAX always. All the other supporting staff, such as IT and non-IT agents and process owners, need concurrent-user licenses because they access SMAX infrequently. Customers purchase license units and can allocate them to either named or concurrent users. Customers can change allocation as many times as they want during their SaaS subscription at no charge. One named user equals 1 SMAX unit. One concurrent-user equals 2 SMAX units. No other vendor provides this type of flexibility and transparency related to licenses.


  • Micro Focus SMAX customers have the flexibility to mix named and concurrent users. This is a vast value maximizer!
  • Micro Focus SaaS Flex allows customers to reduce the number of licenses used during the initial implementation and will enable them to ramp up as they roll out. This lowers TCO!
  • SMAX SaaS customers are always on the latest SMAX release. No exceptions and no delays. This is why we call it a software-as-a-SERVICE.
  • SMAX SaaS customers get a non-production tenant for free (which typically costs $10K annually with competitors).
  • Micro Focus does not charge per transaction for integrations between SMAX SaaS and other products.
  • SMAX customers use Studio to build their own codeless apps or can download pre-built apps from the Micro Focus marketplace –all for free. Only codeless apps can be seamlessly upgraded.



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