Available Now: Hybrid Cloud Management X on SaaS

by Micro Focus Employee in IT Operations Management

We recently announced the release of Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) SaaS. This blog provides additional release details and describes the migration path for existing Micro Focus cloud management customers.

HCMX unifies hybrid cloud and on-premises fulfillment operations by providing self-service resource provisioning, transparent cost control, and built-in governance. For the record, HCMX has been recognized as the “Global Winner” in the Research in Action (RIA) Vendor Selection Matrix: Hybrid Cloud Service Management Tools, 2021 and is cited as one of two leaders in The Forrester Wave: Hybrid Cloud Management, Q4 2020. 


Benefits of HCMX SaaS 

With HCMX SaaS, you’ll enjoy instant upgrades, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and more time to focus on business needs. More specifically, you can:  

  • Seamlessly adopt HCMX SaaS, if you’re a new customer—or easily migrate from Micro Focus Cloud Service Automation (CSA), Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM), or on-premises HCMX. 
  • Run a low-cost pilot program to gain experience before expanding to your entire organization—aligning SaaS costs with the pace of your adoption ramp. 
  • Save time with automatic updates and patches. 
  • Decrease CapEx, improve adoption speed, and gain flexibility with subscription payments. 
  • Easily integrate with other ITOM solutions on a single, modular OPTIC platform—for example, the synergistic benefits of HCMX + SMAX include a centralized self-service portal for all users and consolidated governance across the enterprise for ITSM and private/public cloud management. 
  • Introduce multilayer security, ISO 27001/27034 certifications, and SOC 2 compliance. 
  • Access 24x7 support and meet the industry standard of 99.9% service availability. 

For more details, read the HCMX SaaS Service Description. 


How HCMX SaaS Compares to Its Predecessors 

HCMX SaaS delivers superior advantages over its predecessors: 

  1. CSA and HCM solutions don’t quite measure up to HCMX SaaS when it comes to optimizing public cloud spend. HCMX SaaS comes with detailed multicloud spend reporting,* auto-generated reserved instance recommendations, and rich budget management capabilities. As a result, you gain complete visibility and control over your cloud spend and usage. 
  2. Provisioning hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications is easier with HCMX SaaS than it is with CSA and HCM. That’s because you can aggregate from over 10,000 hybrid cloud services* (including AWS, Azure, GCP) and make them available (preconfigured) to users with just a few clicks. For self-service provisioning, HCMX SaaS also features an AI-based virtual agent that assists users (e.g., developers) and offloads IT. Overall, HCMX SaaS enables faster onboarding of cloud services (aggregation), broader integration support, and improved self-service. 
  3. Operationally, HCMX SaaS offers the previously mentioned SaaS benefits that CSA and HCM don’t provide. In addition, this release enables extendibility within the Micro Focus SaaS platform (e.g., SMAX) and comes with additional licenses for Universal Discovery and agent users. 

This comparison table shows the capability differences of our cloud management products (click to enlarge the image below).



Moving to HCMX SaaS 

Micro Focus cloud management customers can move to HCMX SaaS in the following ways: For CSA customers, the pre-migration requirement is to be on CSA 4.99. HCM customers need to be on HCM 2020.05. But even if you are running an older version and a “2-hop” migration is required, the path to upgrade and migrate is fully supported. 

Subscription to Micro Focus HCMX SaaS is possible through AWS Marketplace. Companies with a commitment to the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) can apply budget to the purchase of HCMX SaaS. Learn more about HCMX SaaS pricing and terms on AWS Marketplace. Alternatively, HCMX SaaS can be purchased from Micro Focus IT Operations Management partners and directly from Micro Focus. For more information, reach out to us here. We’d love to hear from you, schedule a free trial or a demo, or answer any questions you may have. 

Want to learn more? 

Watch a recent Micro Focus webinar: Manage All Your Clouds with SaaS Simplicity. 


* This HCMX capability is partially available in HCM, but not in CSA. 


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