Everything You Need to Know About AIOps

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track 4 aiops summit.JPGAIOps is at work everywhere. It’s improving customer experiences from airlines to agriculture. It’s helping businesses automate processes, drive efficiencies, and make faster decisions. And it’s doing all these things while cutting IT operations costs. You can learn more about what AIOps is, why you need it, and what to look for in an AIOps solution by watching our three on-demand webinars.  

An AIOps Primer in Three On-Demand Webinars


  1. What is AIOps and What is All the Fuss About?

AIOps stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations. But AI isn't new, and neither is IT operations, so why all the industry noise? Mainly, it's because in today’s competitive world, power resides with organizations that are equipped to collect, use, and analyze big data from multiple sources. AIOps makes that possible.

In this webinar, AIOps experts Wes Cooper and Dominic Colson will explain how AIOps can help you:

  • Store, monitor, and analyze data from traditional, virtual, private, public, and multi-cloud estates.
  • Improve data quality to gain greater visibility and more effective analysis.
  • Integrate with event correlation and analysis, improving mean time to resolution by 65%.
  • Accelerate the mean time to deliver new services by 70%.
  • Significantly improve collaboration between security and operations teams.

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  1. Why is Automated AIOps Better Than Just AIOps?

Now that hybrid IT is the norm, you’re required to monitor, identify, and resolve complex issues across a range of on-premises, cloud, and virtual servers. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can identify analytical patterns and help you reduce their mean time to repair. But AIOps still requires manual responses and workflows to resolve IT issues. That’s where automation comes in. 

Join our industry AIOps expert, Michael Procopio as he discusses how automation can enhance AIOps capabilities, including:

  • Automated discovery—analysing the environment and identifying events as or before they happen.
  • Automated reveal—using AIOps and machine learning to consolidate and correlate events to find problems faster.
  • Automated remediation—using automation to reduce mean time to repair by as much as 75%*.

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*Vodafone Ireland recorded a 75% reduction in Mean Time to Repair using Micro Focus Operations Bridge Solution
  1. How Can AIOps Platforms, Like Micro Focus Operations Bridge, Help Your Business?

If data is king, then you want to collect all data types. But how slow are DB calls? Is your container host strangled? Are your VMs saturated? Do you experience inconsistent service from your cloud vendor? These issues can have a significant impact on your business.

In this webinar, we’ll look at how the intelligent Operations Bridge data lake—Collect Once-Store Once (COSO Data Lake)—ensures that your precious data lives in one place so that you can do great things with it. You’ll learn:

  • Why Operations Bridge has received numerous awards, including EMA leader status for advanced IT analytics and InfoTech’s gold medal for APM.
  • What COSO really is and how you can use BYOBI tools to exploit what it governs.
  • How the AIOps capabilities of Operations Bridge 2019.02 work and what they look like in action.

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Cloud computing and IoT have generated countless benefits and one monumental problem—a staggering volume of data that is too much for human IT operations teams to handle. Learn how to manage the complexity with Micro Focus Operations Bridge

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