Gain 100% Awareness of Real-Time VPN Performance with Business Value Dashboards

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COVID-19 is having a dramatic effect on the way we all work.  Most organizations have approved work from home initiatives.  As a result, there has been an immediate need for IT Operations to provide live status on the health of VPN, online business services, and collaboration tools.    

This blog will focus on a couple of our customer’s situations with COVID-19 right now and how they are utilizing Business Value Dashboards (BVD) to visualize remote working conditions and online business service delivery.

Additionally,  here you can find our new BVD resource guide, which provides several helpful resources to help you learn more about what BVD is, and how you can use it today as a current Operations Bridge or Network Operations Management customer with no additional license costs or services required.

We’ve also created a COVID-19 best practice sharing forum on our ITOM Community site.  Check back frequently to get all the latest how to’s and status updates.  


Responding to Remote Working Needs at Aviva

Aviva is one of the main insurers in Europe with over 3 million customers, $6.5B in annual revenue and 4,500 global employees. 

During our recent virtual Micro Focus Universe conference, Thomas Briet from Aviva, shared how they have built a custom BVD in OpsBridge to respond to the increased amount of remote work monitoring due to the COVID-19 crisis.

A couple months before the COVID-19 outbreak, Aviva had already laid some of the ground work by deploying a high-level BVD which could stream in data from their VPN and VDI infrastructure services for monitoring telework.  As the scenario kept evolving, Aviva needed to expand the VPN and VDI capabilities, and to monitor how that was performing, so they turned to BVD to illustrate the status of those key remote application services in real time. 

Now, with this Telework, BVD Aviva is 100% aware of how their remote workers services are performing all over the world.  Check out more from Thomas’s presentation at Micro Focus Virtual Universe.

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Utilizing BVD for a Live View of Online business Service Delivery at SPAR

As one of Europe’s largest retailers, SPAR is currently at the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis. Right now, millions of people in Europe and all over the world are needing to stay stocked on food, water, and sanitation supplies. If you have been to the grocery lately, you have likely encountered chaos in the aisles.  For many, just trying to find the right supplies to their family nourished and healthy during this time is quite challenging.

On Wednesday, March 18th Franz Willerroider, Director of Customer Experiences at SPAR, shared how they are tackling COVID-19 in their Information and Communications Services (ICS) Digital Operations. 

SPAR Information and Communications Services (ICS) is 520 employees strong, across 6 sites and 7 Datacenters.  They handle over 33,000 IT tickets per month, on top of monitoring and maintaining 1,400 application services and 100 infrastructure services for their employees and customers.

SPAR ICS relies on Micro Focus Operations Bridge as their main Hybrid IT monitoring console, which they are feeding user experience data from Micro Focus Application Performance Management (APM), and several 3rd party integrations with Google Cloud Platform, Icinga, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and SAP solution manager. SPAR ICS also utilizes Close Loop Incident Process (CLIP) integration between Micro Focus Operations Bridge and Service Management Automation to help automate ticketing and incident resolution.

One of the main business services they are monitoring right now with Micro Focus is their grocery home delivery service, which right now is a very popular option give the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19. 

SPAR has created a BVD in Operations Bridge which feeds incident data in from Service Management Automation (SMA), and user experience metrics from Business Process Monitor (BPM) and Real User Monitor (RUM). This dashboard illustrates how many online orders are being processed, system performance and availability metrics, as well as the number of open incidences per service. 


 These real-time dashboards are shared across their entire company from the C-Level to Service Owners, and to all ICS employees.

Click here to listen to Franz’s presentation from Virtual Micro Focus Universe 2020.


First and foremost, we want you to know that we are here to help during this time of change.  If you have any questions on how to use your current Micro Focus ITOM solutions to respond to COVID-19 changes, please feel free to submit those in the comments in this blog or on the COVID-19 best practice sharing forum. We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. 

Together we can and will overcome COVID-19. #StopTheSpread 



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