Getting Smarter Software Recognition with Machine Learning

by in IT Operations Management

Machine learning is everywhere—and you should be taking advantage of it when it comes to your configuration management and discovery strategy—particularly around software recognition.

When it comes to software discovery—it’s really about your discovery solution recognizing software when new information is discovered or pre-existing information is changed. As we all know, existing software is constantly being updated and new software is being added in any IT environment.

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Relying on a vendor-provided software signatures is great, and Micro Focus releases Inventory Discovery Knowledge Packs regularly with constantly updated software signatures.  However, even a regular cadence of updated software signatures may not meet your software discovery and recognition needs.  Taking advantage of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) in your CMDB could help accelerate the recognition of changed, updated, new, or custom software in your own IT environment. Luckily, Micro Focus Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB can help!

Using the Smart Software Analytics feature of Universal CMDB, it is possible to make your software recognition self-learning.  Smart Software Analytics allows you to teach your Universal Discovery and UCMDB solution to identify unrecognized software or updated versions of software, even before the Inventory Discovery Knowledge Pack is updated. This can be especially useful if you’re using software or version of software not covered by the existing software signatures.  

Smart Software Analytics is just another example of how Micro Focus is making its products better and smarter using Machine Learning and AI. Why not check out Smart Software Analytics and see if it’s a solution you’d like to be using with your UCMDB!


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