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Becoming a Top Performing Organization (TPO) is a goal that many organizations strive for in order to reap both business and operational benefits. A report from Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) titled, The Roadmap to Becoming a Top Performing Organization in Managing IT Operations breaks down TPO capabilities by strategy, process, organization, and technology. Within the pages of this report, you can find quantifiable research that shows just how much better these top performing IT Operations organizations run, and how you can get your organization in the running.

Based on a survey of 918 organizations, this in-depth report underlines and flushes out how top organizations have become top performers in ITOps—may it be through agile incident management or faster release velocity at lower costs—all leading to technology used as a competitive advantage. Much of what is in the report reminds me of how Operations Bridge (OpsBridge), our system monitoring software for multi-cloud and on-prem environments, helps our customers’ challenges.

Adopt AIOps concepts

One of the 13 recommendations within the report, is to adopt AIOps. The good news is, OpsBridge Ultimate provides the machine learning necessary for AIOps. In fact, one energy customer conducted a comparison between an issue investigation by a human, and the same issue investigation by OpsBridge. The result? A time reduction of three weeks by using OpsBridge!

Also, because OpsBridge uses unsupervised machine learning rather than needing to be trained by a human it is faster to implement. This means it trains itself from the data without the need for human input. Humans can influence the AIOps by giving it a thumbs down when its conclusions are wrong or a thumbs up when correct, but it is not required.

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Single pane of glass by integrating tools

Many organizations are using several different monitoring tools. In this Accenture video, they explain how some of their customers have up to 100 monitoring tools. Multiple monitoring tools create several problems, including swivel chair management and confusing war rooms, because there is no single source for everyone to view. OpsBridge provides a single pane of glass with 200 integrations to 3rd party tools and technologies.

Showing IT-business partnership with business value dashboards


Another finding is that 57% of organizations are looking to make IT more strategic. Business Value Dashboard (BVD) can help here. You can easily create BVDs to show how IT resources are impacting business-level metrics. Business stakeholders want to see metrics in terms they understand. One customer was monitoring their internal offices but not their agents. When the CEO saw the BVDs for the internal offices, he immediately wanted the dashboards expanded to cover all the agents. IT showed themselves to be more strategic to the business. These are just two examples of the many ways covered in the report that TPOs excel.     

I recommend that you check out this report! You'll find it a quick read, with pertinent information shown through graphs and charts! 
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