ITIL V4 – A new focus on driving business value

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100-team (002)_RS.jpgGuest blogpost by Mike Crabtree

I recently attended the PINK20 conference in Las Vegas, manning the booth for Micro Focus and showing our service management tool SMAX, as well as our CMDB solution CMS.

There were so many amazing speakers with a mix of topics, including obviously discussions about ITIL V3 and ITIL V4.

The two main components I picked up about ITIL V4 and the difference in focus from ITIL V3 is that:

  1. The focus is now on business value – each service from IT should clearly be providing business value and the ITSM tools used by IT need to be able to show that business value to the business, including the ITSM tools themselves. Whether you are providing a healthcare application, a CRM or a help desk, it needs to show business value.
  2. ITIL V4 is also being used to provide a complete value chain. In the past, organizations have chosen to pick and choose which components they want to implement, for instance many organizations will choose incident and change, but never implement problem or CMDB. This makes no logical sense and so ITIL V4 has components to help address this gap.

I have been around systems management products for the past 25 years and ITIL trained from the earliest days, and have seen many customers that have been down this route. They neither focused on business value and they never fully implemented ITIL, even its most fundamental components.

These two features of ITIL V4 had me thinking about the breadth of products from Micro Focus and I could compare it with many vendors from around the PINK20 show floor which had some great niche products but did not have the coverage that Micro Focus provides.

Micro Focus offers all the tools you need from application development through security and a full complement of operations tools that cover service management using SMAX and CMS products, service fulfillment using Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) and Data Centre Automation (DCA), service assurance using Operations Bridge (OpsB) and Network Operations Management (NOM), service governance with Data Protector and all supported by analytics and automation using our latest Robotic Process Automation tools and Big Data engines to provide Collect-Once Store Once (COSO) analytics.

But, Micro Focus goes one step further and recognizes that we will not be the only product set on a customer site and that working alongside best-of-breed products from OEM’s such as Microsoft, VMWare and AWS/Google/Azure may be the correct mix, so our ability to integrate becomes a core strength of the Micro Focus ITOM portfolio.

If you’d like to talk about your ITOM needs and how we can help you to provide business value with a truly integrated ITOM product set contact us.

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  • Just FYI - I have participated in review of ITIL 4 Foundation book, some practices documents and one of exams. I am Solution Architect from Micro Focus Professional Services. So we have people at Micro Focus who were involved, and can provide not only toolset expertise but also Service Management consulting and advise on how to adopt and adapt frameworks like ITIL.