[ITOM Inform] Spring Forward with HCMX SaaS, Top ESM Insights, OPTIC Reporting, Discovery

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Inform Spring Forward with ITOM

78 sessions, 11 customer speakers, and more than 1,600 attendees—all ITOM. What a packed Universe it was! Thanks to everyone who made it possible. If you missed it or want to revisit a topic, you can access sessions on demand. And now, energized by Universe, we’re ready to spring forward. In this issue—Simplify cloud management with our new HCMX SaaS release. Make the next leap in analysis and awareness with OPTIC reporting. And read our five ESM highlights from Universe. We also have a fun podcast about Universal Discovery in the spring mix!

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Available Now: HCMX SaaS

If you’re looking for a simple, unified approach to hybrid multicloud management, your search is over. Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) is now available as a standalone SaaS product. With an easy migration path for existing cloud management customers, HCMX SaaS is built for low TCO and cloud cost optimization.

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 Five ESM Highlights from Universe

What did we learn at Universe about ESM? Operations will always be with us—NoOps is unachievable. Low-code/no-code automation and integration with collaboration tools are extending the reach of service management. An adopt-and-go approach makes for successful SMAX SaaS migration. And more. Get the top five highlights.

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Start Up OPTIC Reporting

OPTIC reporting gives you a cross-domain, end-to-end view of your IT estate—which means you can find and prevent problems faster. Learn how to feed the data lake, choose from business value dashboard (BVD) templates, or build your own reports. This is your quick guide.

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 Podcast: Getting CLEVER with Universal Discovery

We love a great podcast! Especially when it’s fun and informative. What makes Universal Discovery CLEVER? CL is for cloud transformation, E is for ESM, and V is for vulnerability detection. For the rest and more details, listen and find out! Blush 

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