[ITOM Inform] Stay Informed—Summer Reading List for Tech Leaders and Practitioners

by Micro Focus Employee in IT Operations Management

ITOM Inform Stay Informed—Summer Reading List for Tech Leaders and Practitioners

This month we bring you a curated list of interesting tech articles, and one podcast. Rather than sharing our own perspectives (the one exception is our own CTO, who happens to chair The Open Group), we thought you might enjoy hearing what industry thought leaders think about the trends affecting ITOps most right now. You’ll learn why companies are increasing their ITSM investments. How FinOps brings accountability to rising cloud spend. What organizations should be doing today to turn observability into a competitive differentiator. And more. See you in September!

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Director of ITOM Product Marketing

Five Reasons Companies Are Doubling Down on Their ITSM Investments

How ITSM transforms IT into business partners and boosts productivity. [Forbes]

The What, Why, and How of Employee Experience for IT

A rising ITSM trend—improving the employee experience—takes time, requiring cultural change. IT must start shifting focus now. [ITSM.tools] 



FinOps For Cloud Native: Buzzword or Reality?

 Teams need to better understand and plan for cloud spend—ideally per application. That’s where FinOps comes into play. [Forbes]

CIOs Contend with Rising Cloud Costs

Cloud costs are rising, and ROI is still a ways off on the horizon. How can CIOs reduce their cloud services bill? [CIO]



Are We Approaching an Observability Tipping Point?

What should companies be doing today to turn observability into a strength and a competitive differentiator? [APMdigest]

Organizational Transformation Is an Emotional Journey

 What does it take for transformation to be successful? Leaders must mitigate emotional harm—which means driving commitment from employees and prioritizing their emotions. [HBR]



The Key to Successful Innovation? Progress Over Product

For breakthrough innovations, focus on what people want to achieve rather than the product that gets them there [Inc.]

IT4IT: How It Started and What Version 3.0 Will Bring, with Micro Focus CTO Lars Rosen

Who's better to talk about IT4IT than one of the creators of the framework? Here’s what to expect from IT4IT version 3.0. [Ticket Volume powered by InvGate]



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