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[Update August, 20 – a new video added: OBM Event Repository]

We are glad to announce several new videos introducing the enhanced Operations Bridge Manager (OBM) Event Browser. We have also released new step-by-step video tutorials on how to create and use various types of OBM Performance Dashboards (PD).

New Videos: OBM Event Browser and Operator Workflow

These videos are designed for OBM operators who want to learn how to efficiently use the OBM Operator User Interfaces (UIs) including the Event Browser and also cover the changes that we introduced in Operations Bridge 2020.05. 


Figure 1. Enhanced OBM Event Browser

  • OBM Event Browser Overview. In this video, we walk you through the high-level overview of the enhanced OBM Event Browser and introduce you to the following changes:
    • New look & feel with improved usability
    • An optimized Event Details pane
    • A new filter toolbar
    • A direct toggle between the active Event Browser and the Event Repository
  • OBM Operator Workflow. This video covers a typical OBM Operator workflow and explains how to:
    • Identify the most important event to work on next
    • Analyze and solve events by using all the available information, such as event details, performance dashboards, tools, graphs and runbooks
    • Automate problem resolution and escalate the event to a trouble ticket system
  • OBM Event Filtering. This video focuses on the filtering capabilities of the OBM Event Browser, in particular:
    • Filtering open and closed events in the OBM Event Browser based on your requirements
    • Fine-tuning filtering results by using search (you can either enter a search string or use a regular expression)
  • OBM Event Repository. In this video, you will learn how to search in the Event Repository for closed events to determine if problems occurred in the past and how they were solved.

New Videos: Performance Dashboard

These videos are designed for new users and for users making the switch from Performance Manager to PD, as well as for more experienced users who want to learn how to create parameterized dashboards.


Figure 2. OBM Performance Dashboard

  • OBM: How to visualize performance metrics. This video introduces you to the OBM Performance Dashboard. Learn how to use performance dashboards to analyze system performance over time.
  • OBM: How to create a performance dashboard. This video provides you with the steps on how to create a performance dashboard in OBM to visualize performance metrics.
  • OBM: How to create a CI comparison dashboard. In this video, you learn how to create a CI comparison performance dashboard in OBM, in order to compare the same set of metrics across different CIs that are of a similar type.
  • OBM: How to create a parameterized performance dashboard. This video explains how to create a parameterized performance dashboard in OBM. A parameterized dashboard lets you select which instances to visualize for multi-instance data, for example, multiple disks or network interfaces on a server, or the locations from which you are monitoring business transactions.

We encourage you to try out our new features and enhancements! For further information on our offerings, visit the Operations Bridge product page, explore our documentation resources and check out our videos and blogs.

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