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Second Annual SMAXTEMBER: 3 Reasons to Attend and Fun Activities Planned

by Micro Focus Employee in IT Operations Management

We’re putting the finishing touches on our second annual SMAXTEMBER event. This month-long extravaganza takes place in September (of course!) and showcases the power of Micro Focus SMAX—our service management automation solution. The theme, “From Zero to Hero,” highlights how easy it is to launch, automate, and integrate with SMAX. After a month together, you’ll reach hero status no matter what your experience level is at the start.

Our blog guest is Dean Clayton, product manager for Micro Focus SMAX. We’ll discuss all things SMAXTEMBER—including what’s on the agenda, top reasons to attend, and all the fun activities planned. Here we go!

What’s on the agenda?

Each day there will be 30-minute live sessions featuring fun, informative activities that include how-to workshops, technical deep dives, customer presentations, panel discussions, and expert showdowns. We have options for every experience level.

What are the top 3 reasons to attend?

  • Learn new things! Discover what you didn’t know you could do with SMAX.
  • Have fun! Join the studio app challenge, integration hackathon, or SMAXPERT showdown.
  • Make connections! Be part of the community and meet new SMAX friends.

What is the studio app challenge all about?

The SMAX studio app challenge is a fun activity that’s open to everyone. The studio is a low-code/no-code platform, so this is your chance to experience the ease of configuring an app in SMAX studio. Do you have an employee workflow that needs automating? Are you using a spreadsheet to track activities? These are some examples of processes that could be streamlined with a SMAX app. Maybe you don’t have an exact idea of what you’d like to build right now and prefer to download and extend an existing free app from the SMAX app marketplace. Either way, join the app challenge. No matter what your idea is, you can configure it in SMAX studio.

By the way, after the event, we’ll work with app challenge winners to productize the winning apps and make them available on the marketplace.

Is the app challenge limited to traditional ITSM processes or can you tackle non-IT processes—a.k.a. ESM (Enterprise Service Management)?

You can take the challenge with ITSM or ESM processes. Last year some challengers focused on improving ITSM processes—for example, one challenger created a change risk assessment app and someone else created a major incident app. But we also had challengers who focused on ESM with use cases that included managing return to the office and even reporting issues with traffic lights!

Two other fun activities are the integration hackathon and the SMAXPERT showdown. Tell us about them.

The hackathon is an opportunity for attendees to get hands-on integration experience and unlock the potential of the integration engine. There are multiple ways to transfer data into and out of SMAX. You can build upon existing integration connectors or create new templates with new targets, business rules, and actions.

The hackathon is designed to be a rich learning experience, so there are no winners or losers here. But we do look forward to crowning the 2022 SMAXPERT showdown champion! Think about the SMAXPERT showdown as the SMAX version of The Great British Bake Off! Experts will face off against each other in friendly, weekly knowledge challenges. And if you’re not taking part in this challenge, you’ll benefit from learning their super tips and tricks.

Is SMAXTEMBER for SMAX customers only?

No—it’s truly for everyone. If you’re new to SMAX, join the how-to workshops, participate in the app challenge, and learn from on-demand videos that step you through the process of building SMAX apps. You don’t have to set up your own SMAX environment—a 30-day, SaaS-based trial tenant will be available for free.

What’s your favorite part of SMAXTEMBER?

The best part is sharing in the fun, seeing the sheer breadth and depth of new ideas, and helping expand the SMAX community. When attendees tell me, “I had no prior SMAX experience, but I joined the event, built an app, learned a lot, and now I’ll take this energy back to my work projects,” I know SMAXTEMBER was a great success.

What’s the top question you get asked about SMAXTEMBER?

Which came first, the concept or the name? The answer is a little of both. After the launch of our SMAX app marketplace, we wanted to show how easy it was to create an app in the SMAX studio, so we launched a three-day SMAX app challenge.

Later, we wanted to repeat the challenge, broaden the scope of activities, and extend it to people without any SMAX experience. At the time, looking at the calendar, September was the best month to launch. The play on words just jumped out and then we reasoned that if we are calling it SMAXTEMBER, it had to be a month-long event. The rest, as they say, is history! This is our second SMAXTEMBER.

Let’s say someone is reading about SMAXTEMBER for the first time and it’s already September. Is it too late to join?

Not at all. Join us anytime during September because all sessions will be available on demand shortly after the daily live events. As the saying goes, “Better late than never.” But don’t be too late!


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