Service Management Automation 2018.02 is available now - Experience machine learning capabilities

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Service Management Automation is the first application suite for IT Service Management and IT Asset Management that was built on machine learning and analytics, and is also based on CMDB and Discovery. Service Management Automation was built on the new Micro Focus ITOM Platform, and it can be deployed anywhere including in private and public cloud.

SMA–X is Micro Focus’ Service Management Automation solution entirely based on the new ITOM Platform. SMA-SM brings Micro Focus’ proven Service Manager product to the ITOM Platform, and is augmented by the SMA-X machine learning capabilities.

The SMA 2018.02 release includes:

  • New and enhanced capabilities for an engaging user experience
  • Increased service desk efficiency
  • Easy and fast deployments and updates

Following are some of the details of this release.

An engaging user experience and increased agent productivity

iOS Mobile Support.pngService Management Automation now, in addition to support for Android, has a new iOS mobile application where end users can browse the catalog, search for offerings, request a catalog item, easily open a ticket with smart ticketing, and more. Note: It is compatible with iOS version 10 and 11.

SMA-SM comes with new service portal features like re-submission of service requests, view approval history, and a multi-column table display.

The new smart analytics capabilities include a tuning portal for SMA-X and a smart ticket tuning toolkit for SMA-SM, which allow to train the system. The result is improved smart search for both SMA-X and SMA-SM—which increases accuracy and relevancy through flexible configuration.

Improved enterprise readiness and cloud support

Service Management Automation offers improved support for multiple LDAP servers, enhanced high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), and support for external load balancer to improve enterprise readiness. The easy update from 2017.11 to 2018.02 enables almost instant access to new features and capabilities.

The solution further includes enhanced administration functionality for SMA-X like an event/job history, simpler tenant and license management, revoke and reuse licenses features, and the deletion of obsolete tenants. Open localization support enables partners and customers to localize SMA-X into additional languages.

SMA-X also offers AWS marketplace availability and support for Microsoft Azure cloud at development level.

Both, SMA-SM and SMA-X, support AWS deployment through the use of cloud formation templates. These templates are available on the Micro Focus Marketplace and can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Extended multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy Console.png


More multi-tenancy functionality and extended cloud support make SMA-X the perfect partner for enterprise organizations and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It offers a multi-tenant console with a summary view of multiple tenants, which includes a quick count of incidents and requests per tenant. The multi-tenant grid allows users to view and edit multiple tenants’ records in one place without the need for a separate login for each tenant.


SMA-SM now supports DevOps with a native GIT integration for automated release build and deployment. It is delivered as a content pack on the Micro Focus Marketplace.

See a live demo of the new capabilities

Join the What's New in Service Management Automation webinar live on February 27, or on demand. Learn how you can use analytics and machine learning to improve service management efficiency and deliver a more engaging end-user experience. See a live demo of the new SMA capabilities.


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