Smart ITSM: The Way Forward to Deliver Intelligent Enterprise Service Management

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RPA robo white 4.pngThe transformational curve in IT and service delivery is at its peak, growing exponentially every year. The fusion of technological advances — automation, AI/ML, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and analytics — into Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has accelerated service delivery. What is Enterprise Service Management?

SaaS delivery model for ITSM has moved past the hype, serving beyond just application management, HR, and facilities. I&O leaders strongly feel the need to integrate an intelligent ESM solution to deliver exceptional customer experience. What is ITSM? 

Automation and AI have become business-critical technologies to gain a foothold in the ever-growing IT operations and service market.

Growing need to implement intelligent automation in ITSM

It’s a fact that legacy service management software hinders service delivery efforts as they aren’t capable of supporting modern IT infrastructure and operations. Here’s quick food for thought outlining the importance of intelligence and automation to manage and improve your IT ecosystem.

Ever-rising service delivery expectations

The expectations from service delivery have increased manifolds. Users want instant gratification without compromising on the quality. Let’s take an example of an online food business - What could be its secret sauce? Food? Quality? Hygiene? Price? Maybe, but maybe not! Consumer expectations are complex, and they’re inclined towards technology. They demand:

  • Seamless ordering experience including user-friendly navigation, quick checkout, and integration with multiple payment options
  • Quick resolution to feedback/complaints (read it real-time, 24/7 helpdesk)
  • Mobile-friendly gestures and so many others.

With high consumer expectations, it becomes inevitable for companies to ensure there are automatic ticket resolution, refunds, and chargebacks in case of disputes or unfulfillment of service requests.

For modern business models, service delivery isn’t just about helpdesk management. With newer and smarter technologies emerging, it is all about how you touch a customer’s life and improve the overall experience instilling agility. To ensure your processes sail through the complex buyer’s journey, you need to empower your ITSM systems with smarter and intelligent automation.

Growing competition and demand for innovation

Positioning anything as a service in the market requires continuous innovation and growth strategy for long-term success. As new entries and next-generation ESM providers are raising the bar high, providing innovative customer experience is a key differentiator. Enabling IT teams with advanced toolsets that streamline IT processes and automatically handle overflowing customer requests is crucial to add value to your service.

The requirement for agile processes

Many ITSM tools are complex to deploy, configure, and use, while others fail to offer an all-in-one solution with low maintenance costs. In this fast-paced, dynamic environment, your service delivery model should be based on the agile manifesto so that you’re able to tackle challenges and mounting pressure from your end clients. Agility brings adaptability, flexibility, and seamless service portfolio management.

How Micro Focus ITSM platform is game-changing for the industry

Micro Focus SMAX extends its automation capabilities to:

  • Cut down your service desk efforts
  • Make the response and resolution time faster
  • Improve resource efficiency at low operational costs

The Forrester WaveTm: Enterprise Service Management, Q4 2019, recently named Micro Focus as an ESM leader. The report stated, “...SMAX has evolved to expand the scope of services beyond IT and integrate further intelligence into the service delivery lifecycle. Micro Focus provides one of the most intelligent service management platforms currently available...”

Let’s see how this platform empowers your business-aligned IT with smart ways of service management:

  • Intelligent analytics-driven service desk

Machine Learning and Hot Top Analytics enable your service desk team to automate service request routing, categorize tickets, and identify incidents, problems, or changes quickly. Besides, the analytics-based advanced search helps you find the right answers to your queries.

  • Easy-to-use self-service portal enabled with ChatOps

SMAX provides intuitive self-service dashboards to manage all your end-user service requests and ticket responses. This one-stop-shop also provides smart virtual agents, social collaboration, and ChatOps for 24×7 support. SMAX’s integration with Slack, Mattermost, and Microsoft Teams enables seamless communication across the organization.

  • A single solution for modern enterprise service management

Automate and orchestrate all your ITIL aligned processes, including automated asset discovery, incident remediation, service modeling, workflow management, and more.

  • Codeless configuration and easy upgrades

Create core IT applications that are user-defined and process-based without any heavy coding or knowledge of programming language. The codeless configuration, extensible architecture, and readily available built-in templates make it easy to update new software releases, install patches, and define actions, business rules, or processes for your application.

  • Multi-tenancy and unified platform for flexible deployment options

The multi-tenant architecture allows you to host and scale your ITSM environments for serving multiple customers using a single console. Its flexible deployment options across public cloud, private cloud, virtual, and on-premise infrastructure help you maximize your customer outreach. SMAX’s deployment foundation is based on Micro Focus’ ITOM container technology that not only accelerates service delivery but also speeds up time-to-value. Pre-integrated containers, automated scripts and tools, and automatic high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) ensure continuous operations.


The future of ITSM lies in data-driven automation. Companies holding on to the traditional practices need to have a mind-shift towards IT modernization and digital transformation. They need to embrace new-age technologies and platforms to level up their service desk and improve the experience. Micro Focus brings you the confluence of innovative architecture and machine learning to streamline all your IT processes and take your ESM journey to the next level. Learn more about Micro Focus SMAX



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