SMAX delivers automated IT asset management at NLMK

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 If you can’t see your assets, you can’t manage them. This was the challenge faced by NLMK, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products. Though they needed to monitor a large fleet of workstations, NMLK’s outdated existing solution lacked transparency and didn’t factor in complex interdependencies between assets. On a practical level, this affected the company’s business operations as they struggled to pinpoint which computers needed to be replaced, recycled, or upgraded.

NLMK chose Micro Focus SMAX as a comprehensive IT asset management solution that could handle complex integrations on-premises. The service desk and IT service management solution offers an out-of-the-box deployment, which meant that NLMK was able to get to work right away and deploy SMAX to monitor tens of thousands of workstations without the use of an outside integrator.

Users at NLMK have been impressed that such a robust solution requires no programming and is supported by a user-friendly interface and easy configuration. Managers and decision-makers benefit from the solution’s discovery capabilities, flexible reporting, and visibility into IT asset management processes. Using SMAX, the company has also been able to implement an asset subscription feature, which facilitates the use of assets off-premises. This new feature, along with overall transparency and efficiency, has been key to maintaining operational efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dashboard allows me to track how many assets are set up in a month, how many are tied to a particular organization and what assets are in what phase of the life cycle: this classic reporting is implemented in a convenient format and is very helpful in your work.”


Head of IT Assets Department


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