SMAXTEMBER - We’re halfway there! 12 days, 23 sessions

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As Bon Jovi sang... WOAH, We’re halfway there! 12 days, 23 sessions, and still not done. We cannot thank you enough for the engagement we have seen its truly overwhelming and we really appreciate you all taking the time to see sessions live or on-demand. As a reminder, you can register to attend upcoming sessions and get email reminders, or if you are not able to attend live, or want to watch again, the sessions are available on-demand approx. 2 hours after it ends and can be accessed using the same link. You can access the Agenda from the SMAXTEMBER Portal.

Highlights you may have missed

To complement our build a SMAX App Series which continued this past week, Brindusa Kevorkian who runs our SMAX User Group, presented 2 great Sessions; Best Practices for Studio Apps & Best Practices for integrating Studio apps with Catalog.

Speaking of the SMAX Challenge, we’d like to do a shout-out to Anton Lykov from Micro Focus Professional Services who was the first person to submit an entry for the SMAX Challenge. Not only was he the first to do so, but he also then presented and demonstrated his SMAX Challenge entry for Change Risk Assessment in one of our Live Support Q&A sessions.

Looking ahead to next week

When it comes to delivering Service management across your Enterprise, you’ve got to be Agile and be able to adapt, and that’s exactly what we are doing by swapping out 2 Live Support Q&A sessions this week with even more relevant content just for you!

First up, taking over the 22nd 10 am CET Slot, we have a very special guest, Daniel van Aswegen, from the SMAX Technical Succes Team who is going to share details on the operational automation utility to check, track and re-balance your SMAX cluster for increased stability and performance, in the aptly named session: Balancing the SMAX Cluster

We’ve had plenty of you engaging in the SMAX Challenge, so we’re sneaking in an extra session on the SMAX Challenge as we countdown to the submission date, highlighting another studio app and providing you with some additional tips and tricks to help you with completing your SMAX Studio apps and SMAX Catalog content. So join the SMAXTEMBER Team in the 23rd 5 pm CET Slot as we bring SMAX Challenge Session #1.5.[

And Finally…

We’d like to remind you that there is still time to get involved and compete in the SMAX Challenge. Head on over to the SMAXTEMBER Portal, where there is:

  • Lots of content to help you with designing & building a SMAX Studio App
  • Ask in the Friends community forums if you need some help or are unsure of how to configure something
  • Request a trial of SMAX, which includes full admin privileges and demo data to build your own SMAX Challenge app or Catalog content
  • And of course the Full webinar session agenda with links to register or watch on-demand

We look forward to seeing you at the sessions and interacting on the portal.

Questions? Please, contact:

Your Micro Focus SMAXTEMBER team.


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