SMAXTEMBER NEWSLETTER #3 – Heading into the Final week

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SMAXTEMBER's final week

After 18 days & 35 sessions run and available on-demand through October, we’re heading into the final week of SMAXTEMBER. Since the last newsletter, we had a last-minute change to accommodate some unforeseen circumstances and for the 5 pm CET slot on Thursday we did a special SMAX Challenge #1.5 session, with additional tips and tricks for working with SMAX Studio and creating Catalog Content. As a reminder, every session is available on-demand from the same link in the agenda that you can use to register & attend upcoming sessions. You can access the Agenda from the SMAXTEMBER registration and agenda page.

Highlights you may have missed   

I could talk about the SMAX Challenge update sessions, but I think a Big Shout out must go to 2 people this week for the sessions that they did. On Tuesday Ben Rabau from Micro Focus Professional Services ran a session where he brought his depth of experience with implementing SMAX and showed how you can start that Journey to SMAX. Not only did he do a great session, but he also had his webcam on, a braver man than some Wink.  Our second shout-out goes to Daniel Crisan from Product management that ran the SMAX+ Automation session showcasing how powerful our orchestration engine is that SMAX customers get for free!

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Looking ahead to next week at SMAXTEMBER  

At the time of putting this newsletter together, the final date for submissions to the SMAX Challenge is imminent, but we’ve already received several fantastic entries throughout the month. In our SMAX Challenge update sessions for Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be showcasing some of those submissions and the benefits of our Service Catalog and SMAX Studio to take extend Service management across your business.

With that said, there is 1 session that we would recommend you attend live, and that’s the SMAXTEMBER Review including SMAX Challenge Awards!

And finally…

We’d like to remind you that you can still head on over to the SMAXTEMBER Portal, where there is:

  • Lots of content to help you with designing & building a SMAX Studio Apps
  • Ask Friends in the community forums if you need some help or are unsure on how to configure something
  • And of course, the full webinar session agenda with links to watch all the previous sessions on-demand

We look forward to seeing you at the sessions and interacting on the portal.

Questions? Please, contact:

Your Micro Focus SMAXTEMBER team.

 For more information on SMAX see the product page



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