SMAXTEMBER NEWSLETTER #4 – and that’s a wrap.. well almost!

by Micro Focus Employee in IT Operations Management

It’s been an absolute thrill to see so many of you engaged during the event, whether it was competing in the SMAX Challenge, attending the sessions live, or reaching out to us to ask us questions through the portal, email, or during the live support Q&A sessions. For those of you that didn’t watch the SMAXTEMBER Review including the SMAX Challenge Awards, we announced that all 42 Sessions delivered across the month are available on-demand, for the next month.  So until October 31st, you can catch up on a session you missed or maybe re-watch a session to pick up extra details you may have missed the first time around. All you need to do is either check the Agenda on the SMAXTEMBER site.


SMAXTEMBER Highlights you may have missed

In the Last week of SMAXTEMBER, we had a few SMAX CHALLENGE Update Sessions ( Session#3 and Session #4 ) that gave you an inside look at some of the SMAX Challenge entries that were submitted. A big thank you to all those that competed in the SMAX Challenge, we’ll be reaching out to you soon to discuss how we can share your apps with the wider community! The penultimate session for SMAXTEMBER was our R&D Ideas lab, where one of the Solution Architects, David Baron, presented details on some of the ideas that R&D had investigated as part of a summer Hackathon.

Looking ahead beyond this year’s SMAXTEMBER

While we’ve delivered quite a bit of enablement during SMAXTEMBER, it doesn’t end there, as our regular bi-weekly SMAX User group returns on 13th October (4 pm CET) with a session that will be showcasing configuration examples and follow up on several topics presented during SMAXTEMBER.

For those in EMEA, we also have the ESM Summit on 14th October (10 am–12 pm CET) where you’ll hear from 4 of our Customers talking about their SMAX Experience.

As announced in the SMAXTEMBER Review session, SMAXTEMBER will return in 2022 and we’re already thinking up some crazy ideas! SMAXTEMBER is nothing without you, so we’ve set up a short survey and would really want to hear your feedback on this year’s SMAXtravaganza of an event to improve and make it even better next year.

And finally…

For those that requested access, We’d like to remind you that you can still head on over to the SMAXTEMBER Portal, where there is:

  • Lots of content to help you with designing & building a SMAX Studio Apps
  • Ask Friends community forums if you need some help or are unsure on how to configure something
  • And of course the Full webinar session agenda with links to watch all the previous sessions on-demand

We’ll also be sending 1 more newsletter towards the end of October, to keep you up to date on a few things happening in and around SMAX

Questions? Please, contact:

Your Micro Focus SMAXTEMBER team.



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