Sneak Peek - Using DCA to be More Proactive in Preventing Security Incidents

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internet-3484139_640.jpgWhile new software and technology are getting better at identifying and remediating security threats quickly, the existing business processes for handling security risks once they are identified are often slower to change and adapt. These complex processes can place businesses at a greater risk for a security breach. So while we have better software and information to combat security incidents, we also need to take a look at the processes that are in place and make sure that they allow the proper teams to respond quickly and effectively. One way of accomplishing this is to encourage Operations teams to take a more proactive approach when it comes to scanning for, and remediating security risks.

Just how significant are the delays between identifying and remediating security threats? Well, I'm glad you asked! We're working with Dimensional Research - a third party research firm that focuses on IT issues and challenges - and have some interesting research coming out soon that touches on that topic. Want a sneak peek? Here's one little tidbit that we thought was interesting - in a survey of over 500 professionals in Operations positions, 66% of respondents said that the Operations and Security teams primarily function independently, and 54% stated that functioning as separate teams resulted in a slower security response. Those are some pretty significant percentages! There are a number of other interesting statistics that have come from the results, which we will have available for you to review in the future.

So what can you do if, like many other large organizations, you feel that your current security and patch processes expose your business to security breaches? One idea is to enable your Operations team members to be more proactive in scanning for and remediating security issues. This can be accomplished by using Micro Focus Data Center Automation (DCA) software. With DCA, your Operations teams can scan, patch, and automatically remediate security AND compliance issues without waiting for the Security team to discover the vulnerabilities. In addition, DCA has an intuitive risk and compliance dashboard that quickly shows you the overall risk state of your data center. With integrations into Micro Focus Service Management Automation (SMAX) product, you can build a fully automated patching and compliance solution!

Want to learn more about how DCA can help streamline complex security processes - saving you employee-hours and, more importantly, reducing cyber-security related risks to your business? If so, I invite you to join us at Micro Focus Universe in The Hague, Netherlands on March 16th through the 19th or in San Antonio, Texas on May 19th through the 21st.

Micro Focus Universe is our premier customer and partner event of the year and is packed with great customer and guest speakers, demo booths where you can try out our software, and experts on hand to answer any questions you might have. Be sure to stop by our DCA demo booth to learn about the new features we've implemented, like our integration with SMAX and our Operations Bridge Manager (OBM) tool. To learn more and register for either event please visit our Micro Focus Universe information page. We hope to see you there!


If you can't make it out to Micro Focus Universe, then you can find more information about DCA by visiting our partner portal pages.



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