Srikanth Natarajan, CTO, talks about real-time data ingestion

by in IT Operations Management

 Srikanth Natarajan will be sharing his experience with real-time data ingestion at Pulsar Virtual Summit North America 2021. Srikanth is a Micro Focus Fellow and CTO, IT Operations Management (ITOM) Product Group.

Micro Focus ITOM has an extensive portfolio of products that deal with many forms of data. The challenge process and store, in real-time, high volumes of structured and semi-structured data.

His session will cover the experience of Micro Focus in consuming from and contributing to Apache Pulsar, the lessons learned, and the collaboration with a development support partner to help us in their Pulsar journey.

He’ll cover:

  • Technical requirements
  • The architecture of our OPTIC Data Lake that consumes the data
  • Our ingestion microservice
  • Message streaming
  • A real-life use case
  • Results

Join Srikanth for Why Micro Focus Chose Pulsar for Data Ingestion

The session is Thu Jun 17, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM, PT at the Pulsar Virtual Summit North America



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