Take the Express Lane for Upgrading Your Micro Focus Network Solutions

by in IT Operations Management

bridge.jpgHow often do you get caught in traffic that is snarled for hours?  Sitting in your car, inching along while you wait impatiently to floor it and get to wherever it is you’re trying to go.  What if there was a special lane just for you to make that happen?  How much time and grief would you save rather than sitting around waiting? 

Unfortunately, I can’t do much to help with your traffic issues, but if you are a current Network Node Manager (NNMi), Network Automation (NA), or Network Operations Management (NOM) user, you’ve come to the right place!

With the new Bridge release, current NA or NNMi customers from as far back as 10.10 are able to greatly improve their upgrade experience by upgrading directly to 2019.05 (customers using 10.40, 10.50 or 2018.05 have one extra step in the process).  Why is this a big deal?  Take a look at all of the latest features!

By simplifying the upgrade process, the quality, stability, and upgrade experience are all vastly improved by reducing the number of steps needed to get to the latest version.  This translates to less time and resources being spent on the upgrade process as well as fewer unexpected issues that lead to long delays and costly issues.  To read more details about the bridge and the other latest features, check out Jon Kies’ blog on the key details.  

Don’t take just my word for it, here are some quotes from customers that have upgraded via the bridge process.  Names of people and companies have been removed to protect anonymity.

“Honestly, this was so fast we were concerned there was a problem; we expected hours and hours.” 

 “This is similar to the first sub 4 minute mile, some similar achievement once thought not possible or unrealistic.” 

The 2019.05 upgrade has just completed and it went absolutely great! The single step upgrade from 10.20 to 2019.05 is tremendous.​"  -Multinational automobile manufacturer 

Not yet convinced this is a game-changer for you? Give us a chance to demonstrate the new capabilities by reaching out to your local account rep or pre-sales expert.  Can’t find your contact?  Feel free to reach out to me directly at Jason.c.odorizzi@microfocus.com and I can help you along your path.  Get ready to feel the wind in your hair as you are finally able to punch the accelerator and leave the gridlock behind you!!


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