Take the Stress Out of Compliance Audits with DCA

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HIPAA, SOX and PCI - oh my! These are just a few names in the veritable laundry list of IT, security, and regulatory compliance frameworks that can read like a Dr. Seuss book! And while it may be a challenge just to keep up with the names of these frameworks, an even bigger challenge is ensuring that your business is complying with the thousands of rules and regulations within these frameworks. Fortunately, Micro Focus Data Center Automation (DCA) is here to help in a big way! 

Starting with it's robust, out-of-the-box content, DCA helps take the guesswork out of your compliance management tasks. No longer do you need to go out and manually find and download the latest compliance frameworks - DCA comes packed with the major IT, regulatory, and security compliance benchmarks. Simply choose the framework that you want to scan against and then let DCA scan and assess your datacenter against that benchmark. Have a custom, internal compliance policy that you need to scan against? No problem, DCA lets you create your own compliance benchmarks and can scan against those as well!

ootb_compliance_content.JPGBut what happens when the rules or regulations within the compliance frameworks change? No worries there, DCA has you covered. DCA will regularly check for updates to the compliance frameworks in the background and download any updates to make things easier on you. What's more is that DCA matches the rule/regulation that it scans against to the section or subsection of the compliance framework manual. This way if you have a question about a particular rule, you don't have to spend all day searching through sections of the manual, you can quickly and easily go to the section that you need to. 

As you can see, DCA makes it incredibly easy to scan your datacenter against compliance benchmarks. But what happens after the scan? Great question! DCA will take all of the scan information and present it to you in its compliance dashboard. In this dashboard, you can see the resources that are affected by compliance issues. You can perform a deep dive to see specific information about the variance, which framework it comes from, the section of the framework where the rule can be found, along with other information. From the compliance dashboard DCA also makes it easy to kick off remediation actions.


Once DCA has assessed the datacenter and presented the findings in the dashboard, you can use it's Intelligent Scheduler to automatically kick off remediation actions based on SLO's and maintenance windows. By doing this, DCA reduces the impact on business critical resources and ensures that remediation actions are performed in a timely manner. Should you need to perform some tasks before or after the remediation runs - say take a snapshot of a server or reboot a server - DCA has pre and post workflows that allow you to do so. Once remediation actions have been performed, you can return to the compliance dashboard to get an up-to-date view on the new compliance state of your datacenter! Sounds pretty great, right?! 

To learn more about how DCA can help you simplify your compliance management tasks, be sure to visit our partner portal pages.


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