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One city, more than 30 customer presentations, nearly 400 ITOM customers and partners. Tweetable moments from Cloud and Automation. This year, Micro Focus Universe took place in Monaco on 13-15 March.

Micro Focus Universe 2018 opened with bright, blue skies.1-elleestbellelamer-2.PNG

Blue greeted us impressively. Blue, the color of the Micro Focus brand, was everywhere.


Here, we summarize the tweetable moments from from Data Center Automation (DCA) and Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) sessions.

The day started with “lights, camera, and action!” as we filmed two success stories: with Performance Technologies on compliance and with Sopra Steria on CloudOps. The creative process behind the camera is always fun—the retakes, the final touches, the comradery during the filming process.

3-alpha-lightscameraaction-2.PNG4-sopra-lightscameraaction-2.PNGRahul Tripathi, VP ITOM Product Marketing, and Maria Anhalt, VP Cloud and Automation Labs, welcomed everyone to ITOM Micro Focus Universe, as they discussed how ITOM solutions help solve customers’ needs across all of hybrid IT with the modern ITOM Platform, enterprise DevOps, the broadest cloud portfolio, and containerized suite releases. 

The audience gave a hand to that!


The first session in the Cloud and Automation track was led by Alpha Bank and Performance Technologies who presented their approach to automated compliance. Alpha Bank had one objective in mind: creating automated compliance policies that could be initiated with the push of a button across servers and databases. With DCA solutions, the bank automated audit policies and achieved 100% coverage of production systems, achieved more than 80% time savings, and increased security through remediation of identified gaps.


Then, credit bureau Kredi Kayit Burosu (KKB) took the stage. Tighter compliance demands, growing infrastructure, and proof of business continuity compelled KKB to take the automation journey with DCA. Today, they get consistent and complete compliance in ten hours (down from two days) across heterogeneous servers. 


Next topic was industrial IoT. DXC built a cloud-agnostic automation platform for smart manufacturing based on HCM orchestration and cloud service automation, using out-of-the-box content capsules. Industry 4.0 is here, and DXC and Micro Focus are part of it!


If ever there’s a face to Go4SAP, it’s Michael Jilg from SAP and Sandra Apflauer from Micro Focus. They covered the story of an automotive customer who completed a POC in 28 days and went from 30% to 98% automation. Yes, it’s possible with Go4SAP!

SAP and Operations Orchestration are the perfect solution match for the perfect orchestration.


Projixi Europe spoke about building RPA use cases with DCA and Operations Orchestration. With RPA, Projixi customers eliminated 80% of fake events, removed 80% of non-compliance incidents, and achieved 70% remediation by automata. No doubt, RPA takes the mundane out of work, the bot out of the human!

10-projixi-tweet.PNGKuveyt Turk discussed best practices for data center process, event, and audit automation with DCA and Operations Orchestration. With automation, the company achieved its goal of saving more than 1000 man-hours per month.


Sopra Steria introduced CloudOps: a pay-per-use cloud model for the best of public clouds. CloudOps is enabled by HCM Operations Orchestration and is completely integrated with customer ecosystems. “Automation is the key word,” said Sopra, “It’s impossible to have CloudOps without automation. Provisioning of CloudOps is 100% automated.”


Next, innovative insurance company Anadolu Sigorta talked about DevOps. With HCM solutions, the company implemented application release pipelines and zero downtime deployment orchestration flows for a platform that serves customers and agents 24/7. Key advice: “When you start a DevOps project, culture is first. We start with the people.”


Last session of the track came from Jo de Baer, PlateSpin Product Manager, who showcased how PlateSpin, a new service from HCM, migrates workloads to the cloud.


The Expo Hall was the center of the Universe. Much more than demo booths, it was the natural meetup place and the home of the popular juice and coffee bar. Everyone loved a good smoothie, macchiato, or two!


Walking around the Expo Hall, we chatted with some of the product experts.

The first stop was at the Data Center Automation booth. Vieri Sacchi, Presales Consultant, showed DCA on ITOM Container Deployment Foundation (CDF).  Across server OS and databases, in a single UI, the new DCA scans against compliance policies, patches, and remediates out-of-compliance elements.



In fact, just enough time to sneak into the DCA presentation, we heard Nisarg Shah, Director Product Management, ask the audience, “Do you know the vulnerability and compliance status of your data center now?”  The new DCA risk dashboards show common vulnerability exposures and regulatory compliance and patch status across the entire data center, all in one place.


Going back to the Expo Hall, and now at the HCM booth, we talked with Maria Nogales, Presales Consultant. “What’s so cool about HCM?” we asked. Maria: “HCM lets you manage any hybrid IT environment, any cloud, and control your costs and capacity!” 


A new feature, HCM now provides showback capability for visibility and control of costs.

One of the most popular booths was the ITOM Platform booth. Eternal ITOM Platform expert, Patrick Deloulay, explained it all: “Powered by open-source software and built on the ITOM Container Deployment Foundation (CDF), the ITOM Platform is a different kind of a platform—it’s portable, modern, and flexible. Deploy in the environment of your choice, consume and share cross-domain services: orchestration, discovery, business value dashboards, data lake management, and the newly introduced collaborative ChatOps service.” 

What does this mean for the customer? “Customers can bring to market new capabilities faster and improve software efficiency and quality.”


Alas, after two days of customer presentations and keynotes, it was time to say goodbye.


Until the next Universe!

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