What's New for Network Operations Management 2019.05?

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At ITOM Summit, I delivered a presentation where I lauded our R&D team for their focus on product quality (nearly 500 defects repaired!) and improving the usability of the Network Operations Management products through the usage of Test-Driven Development.  Then, I asked the attendees what versions they currently had deployed. The vast majority were multiple versions behind our current release, which means that they were unable to see our improvement in quality.  And, as our pace of releases has increased, it also meant our customers were going to have a more difficult time upgrading, as it would be a multiple step process.

All of this set the stage for the NOM/NNMi/NA 2019.05 releases. We wanted to help our users take advantage of the most current release, so we created a "bridge" release that will allow users to upgrade from up to 10 previous versions instead of just three with a usual release.

But, we didn't go short on new features with the NOM 2019.05 release.  We're building for the future with non-production usage features including adding a new incident troubleshooting workflow for our new user interface.

NOM Incident UI 2.png

We've also added our Collect Once Store Once (COSO) capability (also non-production) as we get ready to replace our Network Performance Server database with Vertica, our amazing big data analytics columnar database.

In summary, if you're behind from updating to the latest version, now is the time.  We've even built interactive upgrade guides for NNMi & NA, and information for NOM.  And, then when I talk to you about where your organization is with deployment of our latest release, we'll have a very different answer!


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