What’s New for Universal Discovery and UCMDB in Configuration Management System 2020.02?

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It’s February 2020, and the first release of Configuration Management System in 2020 is now available and there are lots of great new features and content.

This blog will help you understand what features and benefits are available to you in the CMS 2020.02 release, and give you a peek of some features soon to be available in the stand-alone versions later.

Inventory Cards

Inventory Cards are a new way to display and access information about Configuration Items (CI) types that have been discovered and stored in your Universal CMDB.


These cards group CIs into handy, visual tiles that contain important information about all the CIs underneath the card. It is very easy to quickly view and then access all CIs underneath the card type with a single click.

Resource Manager Improvements
Resource Manager now enjoys a contextual menu that makes it easier and faster to get to and edit information about the resources available to CMS.


You can easily view the dependencies, open the resource for editing in Query Designer, execute the resource (which means open the resources and view its results), or delete the resource—all directly from the resource manager.  This makes admins more efficient when working with resources because they don’t have to hunt and search in different menus and screens to do common resource admin tasks.

Improved Azure Discovery and Content
Azure now enjoys event-based discovery options, meaning your UCMDB data can be updated to reflect changes in your Azure environment without having to manually run a new discovery job. Also included for Azure in this content pack is both Azure Set Scale and Availability Zone discovery.


Improved AWS Discovery and Content
New out-of-the-box polices for AWS resources help ensure alignment to AWS best practices around S3 replication, EBS encryptions, security policy groups, and more.  Additionally, AWS discovery content includes Amazon Linux 1 OS discovery and Amazon EKS discovery.

Improved Container Discovery and Content
Kubernetes and Openshift tag discovery captures and models tags from Kubernetes labels to be used in your own queries and reporting.  With the Kubernetes and Openshift Enhanced Discovery, you can capture all types of Kubernetes controllers and the Kubernetes Service View with ingress and endpoint CI types.  Kubectl token authentication is also now supported.  And for customers using Docker, Windows-based Docker Container discovery is now supported too.

Improved OS/Application Support
IT is constantly updating their software versions, and CMS 2020.02 now supports Oracle RAC 19c, Docker version 19, Citrix version 8 support, along with the aforementioned Amazon Linux 1 OS discovery.


If you need more info, there is a new product brief available that goes into more details about this release available online. The discovery content of this release is also available in the Micro Focus ITOM Marketplace and can be consumed by any compatible version of UCMDB listed for that content.

Micro Focus Configuration Management System (CMS) with Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB continues to help our customers get an accurate picture of their hybrid IT environment, including cloud and containers.  CMS 2020.02 adds important new cloud and container discovery and sets the stage for the next version of CMS!



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