What's new in Data Center Automation 2021.11

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We were all so hopeful coming into 2021, thrilled to see the back of 2020. Have things changed? Are they any better? As I write this, I don’t think any of us know – thanks, Covid. But! One thing that has changed and continues to get better – Data Center Automation (DCA). So, let’s round this year out on a high with the latest version – release 2021.11.

This DCA release brings you new features and capabilities such as deployment support on RedHat OpenShift, delivers updates to the OS Compliance Benchmark Library, and adds new reporting capabilities.

Automation Platform

You can now deploy DCA on a Red Hat OpenShift cluster running on-premises to manage vulnerability, patching, and compliance workflows for OS targets. The deployment is simplified by leveraging standard services resulting in improved time to value and total cost of ownership.

The release also offers support for deploying multiple instances of DCA on the same K8S cluster, sharing the same master infrastructure. The DCA instances are accessed using different external access ports and can also be deployed on the same AWS EKS cluster or in the same Red Hat OpenShift Cluster running on-premises – helping you reduce management overhead and total cost of ownership.

And a new Self-Monitoring capability enables monitoring of the overall health of your DCA deployment, including the availability, status, utilization, and performance of individual DCA components. The self-monitoring metrics – exposed through Prometheus and available for visualization through Grafana dashboards – provide better insight into the overall status for increased resilience and enables you to proactively address potential issues.


Figure 1 - Inspect performance and availability of individual DCA components including API, with the DCA Metrics Dashboard


Server Automation can use Operations Bridge suite’s OPTIC Data Lake, reducing management overhead and total cost of ownership.  DCA can also use this same shared OPTIC Data Lake, a feature introduced in the DCA 2021.05 released earlier in the year.

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Figure 2 - OPTIC Reporting for Server Automation

High availability for the Server Automation data miner is now available through a distributed deployment architecture to provide a more resilient reporting solution with failover capabilities, minimizing downtime.

New support for Server Automation job failure data facilitates the creation of custom job reports giving you insights for faster troubleshooting. And out-of-the-box vulnerability, patch, and compliance reports now include time zone support to render the data in the required time zone.


Compliance Management

To stay current with the latest regulatory compliance benchmarks and harden your server security settings, DCA 2021.11 includes new and refreshed CIS and DISA compliance benchmarks for Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Oracle Linux OS’s.  For more information and a full list, please refer to the DCA documentation.


And speaking of compliance – are you catching weak spots in your cloud and on-premises servers as quickly as you could?  Did you know with DCA you can continuously and automatically fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations—at scale, across your hybrid estate. You can also now manage both on-prem and cloud instances with DCA. That’s the peace of mind that comes with automated protection—24/7.

So if you want to know how to make the most of DCA and missed our recent webinarAutomate Patching and Remediation—In Cloud and On Premises’, you can catch it in replay here.

Until next time, happy patching, and see you in the new year!

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