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What's New in NOM? Check out our On-Demand Webinar

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What's New in the Latest NOM Release? Watch Webinar

There’s a lot to love about Network Operations Management (NOM) 2022.05. Whether it’s NOM Reporting – SaaS, the new Performance Troubleshooter module, or our simplified upgrade path, we’ve got something for everyone in this latest release.

NOM Reporting – SaaS

Our newest offering, NOM Reporting – SaaS, is the fast path to upgrading from NPS (end of committed support December 2023) to the OPTIC Data Lake.

With NOM Reporting – SaaS you:

  • Get instant-on deployment drives time to value
  • Avoid expensive infrastructure purchases and staff hours
  • Leverage Micro Focus’s expertise in running OPTIC DL on K8S and Vertica

Performance Troubleshooter

Performance Troubleshooter is a powerful dashboarding tool that lets you view historical performance data from the OPTIC Data Lake in user-configurable interfaces.

Some key features:

  • Contextual launches from nodes or interfaces to explore what data you have relative to these configuration items
  • NOM customers can overlay configuration change data
  • Recent improvements include new chart types, new Group by and Aggregate by functions, enhanced scheduling and export, and an updated user interface
  • Available to NOM and NNMi customers

Simplified Upgrade Path

Worried about version currency? Don’t be. We’ve made it easier than ever to take advantage of NOM’s latest features. Our new simplified upgrade path for NNMi will get you directly from 2019.05 to 2022.05 in one jump, allowing you to take advantage of NOM Reporting – SaaS.

To learn more about all the ways you and your organization can benefit from NOM 2022.05, head over to BrightTalk to watch our on-demand webinar.


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