What’s new in Operations Bridge 2019.08 - Release Overview

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We’re excited to announce the availability of Micro Focus Operations Bridge 2019.08. This release includes a bunch of enterprise readiness and stability updates, as well as functional enhancements and improvements to the existing features.

This is a 5-part blog, where the functionality included in this release is mapped to different Operations Bridge features. In this part you will see the release overview of Operations Bridge 2019.08 release. The other parts are listed below:

  • What’s new in Operations Bridge 2019.08 - Automate Hybrid IT Discovery and Monitoring
  • What’s new in Operations Bridge 2019.08 - Consolidate Data/Reduce Noise along with Automate AIOps/Robotize Remediation
  • What’s new in Operations Bridge 2019.08 - Customize Dashboards and Reporting
  • What’s new in Operations Bridge 2019.08 - Analyze Application Health

Release Overview

The overview from our latest release, where each functionality is mapped to different Operations Bridge features is listed below:

  • Automate Hybrid IT Discovery and Monitoring
    • New Generic Prometheus Connector which integrates with Prometheus Server and Exportors. The collected data is stored in COSO Data Lake
    • JBoss Management Pack quality & performance improvements
    • Operations Connector for NetIQ AppManager enhancements*
    • OBM Event Management Command Line Interface (CLI) to enable/disable/list/delete event suppression rules
  • Consolidate Data and Reduce Noise
    • Updated sizing documentation of how to scale horizontally with the Operations Agent (OA) Collector
    • Faster time to analysis with improved throughput of metrics from SiteScope monitors and BPM metrics into COSO Data Lake
  • Automate AIOps and Robotize Remediation
    • Secure connections between Event Analytics and external OBM using Client Authentication Certificates (CAC)
    • Official support for Vertica2.0 in Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA) 3.04 IP2 (available on SSO) along with security and quality fixes
  • Customize Dashboards and Reporting
    • Custom date parameter selection for all Out of the Box (OOTB) reports
    • Get more insight to your metric data – Operations Bridge Reporting now has parity with Operation Bridge Reporter’s raw data agent metric collection and metric aggregation
    • More OOTB BVD reporting coverage with new and updated reports
      • New Event Policy report
      • Updated Event Executive Summary report, now showing CIs with high duplicates and Top Open Events
      • New agent System Usage Details report, with forecast or individual Nodes
    • Schema standardization, metadata updates, and query optimization
      • Default Data Retention policy
      • Option to aggregate backdated data
      • Late arrival processing for Event data parity
    • BVD Enhancements for parameterization, truncated text on overflow etc. See further for more information.
    • Secure Business Value Dashboard connections to PostgreSQL databases with TLS support
    • RUM Dashboard Enhancements
  • Analyze Application Health
    • SiteScope 2019.08
      • Clearing outstanding events after monitors undergo maintenance
      • Support token based authentication via SiteScope REST API monitor
      • Enable Active Directory users to configure OBM integration
      • CyberArk integration enhancements
    • RUM 9.52
      • RUM Engine is certified to connect to external MySQL DB (community version 5.7.26)
      • RUM COSO - Remaining data samples are pushed to COSO (Events, TCP Connections, Crashes, Transactions, CBD(component break down)
      • RUM Server Collector benchmarking
      • Replaced embedded MySQL with SQLite (RUM sniffer Probe)
      • Replace Struts 1.2.4 with Struts 1.3.10 addressed security vulnerabilities
      • RUM Support for monitoring of applications hosted on AWS Cloud using Server Collector on Linux
      • RUM Engine Upgrade to latest Open Java JDK
      • AppPulse migration from microfocus.com to saas.microfocus.com
      • RUM 9.52 documents are now online on ITOM Practitioner Portal
    • BPM 9.52
      • Consumption of Load Runner 12.63 (PCOIP protocol support)
      • Certification of Mobile Center 3.2, for mobile synthetic transactions
      • Support for UFT 14.53, latest Citrix XenApp 7.18, Support MC 3.2 using TruClient Native Mobile protocol v12.63
      • BPM COSO - Additional data pushed to COSO (web trace, error & components)
      • Platform Certifications for RHEL 7.4, OEL 7.3, Windows 10 (until version 1809)
      • BPM 9.52 documents are now online on ITOM Practitioner Portal
  • ITOM Platform
    • Easier and flexible way to license Operations Bridge functionality using new unit-based product structure. You can check what's new in Opsbridge 2019.08 licensing for more information.
    • Official support for Vertica 9.2.0 in Operations Bridge, including Vertica for Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA) IP2 (available from SSO)

The following capabilities are part of Operations Bridge 2019.08:

Please keep in mind that the following Operations Bridge functionality are marked with “Limited Availability“ at the time of the release:

  • Expanding COSO Reporting (New Reporting in Operation Bridge)
  • Enhancing AIOps (Event Analytics)
  • Prometheus Connector

So what exactly does this mean? “Limited Availability” implies that these capabilities are pending further performance and scalability tests, as well as corresponding recommendations and validation in customer environments and further functional enhancements. Therefore, Micro Focus recommends to start using these capabilities in non-production environments. Micro Focus is also recruiting customers who want to explore those features by participating in our Customer Validation program. The benefits will include direct contact with the R&D lab and the opportunity to take part in shaping the future of our products. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity and contact Operations Bridge Product Management for further information today! Start by getting in touch with your local Micro Focus Sales representative who will put you into contact with the proper Product Manager.

For a full release overview, take a look at the Operations Bridge 2019.08 Release Notes on the Micro Focus Documentation Portal. Also, check out latest Operations Bridge support matrices.

We encourage you to try out our new features and enhancements! For further information on our offerings, visit the Operations Bridge product page, explore our documentation resources and check out our videos and blogs.

If you have feedback or suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment on this article.

Explore full capabilities of Operations Bridge by taking a look at our Operations Bridge Manager, Operations Bridge Analytics, Operation Bridge Content, Operations Connector (OpsCx), Business Value Dashboard (BVD) and Operations Orchestration (OO) documentation!


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