Who cares? You do – and SMAX helps with the new Employee Care Management app

by in IT Operations Management

businessman-drinking-cup-of-tea-while-watching-laptop-in-4050446.jpgIf we posted this blog the same time last year there’d be raised eyebrows. It may seem a little odd to prioritize managing and tracking employee health and care when there’s so many other aspects of the business to focus on – cost, compliance, efficiency, innovation etc. But none of that can be achieved without a healthy, happy team to deliver it.

That is why we are releasing this highly valuable app that can give the insights organizations need when well-being, access to supporting health services and related financial aid are impacting employees across the globe in very real time.

The free Employee Care Management application allows you to capitalize on your existing SMAX solution in order to quickly and easily realize further value and adjust your operations to cover the gaps and challenges that have emerged from the current situation.

The app helps organizations with access to real time information related to the health of staff, so decisions can be made to ensure business continuity and minimal impact on the services and operations, for example balancing teams from one department to another, or between different locations. In order to manage this information, the solution includes the following components:

  • Employee Care application used to record and track individual medical leave or health problems reported by employees. It also captures special needs requested, including financial support, repatriation services or insurance company issues
  • Set of catalog offerings accessible via the self-service SMAX Portal that allow users to report health care problems, medical leave, or special needs
  • Set of reports showing real time insights of employee health care status

You can find the app along with other free SMAX apps such as the Work From Home – Equipment Loan solution which provides support for managing and tracking the allocation of equipment temporarily to users within the organization, at the Micro Focus ITOM Marketplace.



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