CBT to migrate data from 10.60 to latest

Hi Team,

We have an old SA version 10.60 is getting migrated with the latest version in a new build server and now we want move the OLD SA data to the new SA



software policy 

folders etc.

I have gone through the CBT guide but i still have some questions before i start.

cbt -e <content_dir> -f <filter_file> -cf <target_core_config> 

from the above command i know -e should be provided with the folder path where it has been exported.

-f filter file to be given under the path opt/opsware/cbt/filters/

can you please guide me what is the -cf option and what is should be using.

Also is there any other way to copy the data from OLD to new at once.


  • Hello,

    Without -cf will automatically use "/opt/opsware/cbt/cfg/default.properties"

    If you require any changes, either modify the default or create your own based on it

  • Hi lazarmi

    Thanks for the quick help. Can I know on what basis i should creating the new property file.

    Also can you guide if I can download all the required filters at once and move to new SA.

    This will help me to complete migration.


  • Already said that this is the basis "/opt/opsware/cbt/cfg/default.properties". You may don't want to keep password within the default file,hence you may create a file you can better protect, for instance.

    As a best practice, recommendation, migrating everything/all at the same time is not a good approach! First, because you won't need everything, second, will take longer and is harder to debug in case of any failures.

    So, do not export things that you can recreate (patch metadata, patches, RPMs for patching purposes, compliance policies that you can import from MPP) and export only what's really required (this is a good timing for you to do housekeeping)