Agent migration using Apx satellite to satillite

Hi Everyone

We one core and 5 satillite server in old setup

In new setup we have one core and 15 satillite.

I can migrate agent from old core to new core because I have uploaded the bootstrap of new core into old core. I am using Apx tool to migrate the agent.

When I try with new satillite up from old core server it's giving certificate issue p12 not found.

Can I know how to import satillite certificate to old SA to migrate.


  • Hi,

    Not sure what SA version you are migrating from and your new version? And the version of the agents?

    MIGRATING TO SA 10.2x or 10.5x

    Out of the box the APX is not configured with a bootstrap certificate.

    Certificates to migrate to a 10.20 or 10.50 system are supplied.

    # cp bootstrap.srv-10.5x bootstrap.srv

    For other SA versions you will need to obtain the mesh specific cert.

    Please refer to the readme.txt file for the com.hp.device.migrator APX.