(SA) Support Tip: How to verify the user signatures stored in the database?

If some users are unable to login into Server Automation then they might have an invalid signature stored in the database.

There is a tool named verify_user_sigs that is shipped with every hotfix rollup which can be used to verify the signatures.

It is located under /opt/opsware/support/bin/ on the SA core/slice.

For details on its usage run it with the "-h" option as below:

/opt/opsware/support/bin/verify_user_sigs -h

verify_user_sigs - Verifies <SIGNATURE> field of "AAA.AAA_USER" records. If
an invalid signature is found, the user is asked if they would like to
correct it.

Usage: verify_user_sigs [-y] [-n] [-ce <char_encoding>] [<username_glob>|<user_id>]

Will not attempt to fix any invalid signatures.

Fix invalid signatures without asking for permission.

[-ce <char_encoding>]
Specify the encoding scheme to use for representing a string of characters
as a string of bytes. The default character encoding is 'ANSI_X3.4-1968'.

Optional user id or username glob.