SA Deployment in DC/DR

Hi Team

We need to deploy SA in DC and DR. We have oracle DB setup with log shipping mode.

And ask from customer that they need to start DR manually when DC goes down. 

Is SA supported with oracle log shipping configuration because SA it self does the application level replication between master server when we deploy multi master configuration but they do not want in SA in HA mode.

Kindly advice way to setup SA in DC -DR mode ( SA should be manually brought up in DR).


  • Suggested Answer


    What you're asking for is not supported. You must have 2 SA cores in an active - active config even for failover.

    The second core could be idle [w/out any satellites connected to it or users logged into it] during normal operation but it would need to stay in sync with the DB changes from the first core via SA's built-in replication mechanism.

    At the time of a catastrophic failure in the first core's DC the satellites would automatically fail over to the second SA core and users could resume their work by connecting to the second core.