SA 10.6 on rhel5 -workround for MajorOS upgrade

Hi guys,

Since Major OS upgrade (rhel5 to rhel8) is not possible on SA. we need to figure out the workaround, as rhel5 is EOL times ago.

The plan is to install the new SA 2020.11 on rhel8 and when it becomes fully operational to connect it (to switch over) to the old DB (current Oracle SA DB) and then to recertify all agents.

We base our plan on the fact that in upgrade from 10.6x to 2020.11 it is officially stated that DB is out of the upgrade scope.

Does it make sense to you? Has anybody done it this way or similar?


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    Hi nebojsav,

    In the 2020.11 upgrade guide it is indeed stated that the DB software upgrade is out of scope and the SA install/upgrade media does not contain DB bits (neither Oracle nor Postgres).

    Maintaining an up-to-date DB software is the responsibility of the customer. The SA upgrade does however carry out SA DB schema changes.

    Switching/pointing an SA core to a different SA core's DB is not a supported operation and would not work without a number of extra steps due to some of data stored in the DB that would have to match the SA server and data on its filesystem, think of IP addresses, cryptographic material, password hashes etc. If you sorted out all these issues then you'd have to contend with the schema changes between your current 10.60 DB and a new 2020.11 DB.

    You have multiple supported options to achieve this upgrade, here are 2:

    1. a) Add one or more new cores to the 10.60 mesh on RHEL 6 or 7

        b) Move the MM Central role to one of the new cores and move the sats or agents to the new cores

        c) Remove the old cores

        d) Upgrade the mesh to 2020.11


        Repeat a) - c) but now with new cores added on RHEL 8

    2. a) Deploy a new SA mesh with cores on RHEL 8

         b) Migrate your data and managed server from the current mesh to the new one

  • Hi Boneimre,

    First of all, if you celebrate tomorrow, MARRY CHRISTMAS and certainly HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Thanks a lot for your reply, if I understand properly you gave two options, first to be used if we upgrade OS to rhel 6/7 and another one in case we upgrade to rhel 8. Finally, if it is not too much, may I ask you to let me know specific docs where I can get more details.