cogbot.tmp_dir and software policy package post-install scripts

It looks like this parameter does not affect the post-install script defined in a software policy, we saw the script was put in /tmp and the output/debug put there also.

1- Is there a way to define where to drop and where to run the script from?

2- Is there a way to tell SA to NOT delete the temporary scripts and it's associated output file for debugging purposes.

3- Is there a way to set the debug level for what is written in batchbot.log?



P.S. even if we have the  

Name Description Value Change Status
cogbot.tmp_dir Cogbot key to configure Agent's temporary directory /var/bbt

set in the MESH (config/Server Automation/Agent), as the documentation says, it seems that the newly installed agent for Oracle Linux did not set it in the agent.args.

There's another place to set it, /Server Automation/SA Agent(cogbot) but I can't find documentation on the difference between the 2.



  • Suggested Answer


    1. The cogbot.tmp_dir from config/Server Automation/Agent should be the parameter you have to configure in order to have the post-install script put in the defined temp dir with all the other scripts, the other configuration parameter (/Server Automation/SA Agent(cogbot)) is legacy parameter and is overridden by the on from config/Server Automation/Agent.

    I did test it in my 2020.11 lab using CentOS and OEL agents and on the newly installed agents the tmp dir was set correctly and also the post-install script was created in that temp dir.

    2. There is no configuration to keep the temporary scripts.

    3. In the agent.args there is the loglevel parameter which can be set to TRACE then there should be debug log in the batchbot.log.