MpC import of ms_patch_supp on SA 2020.11

After deleting A&R content (deleting old and re-importing pthon3 compatible content) we added ms_patch_supp to the stream.Apparently this was not a good idea as it has overwritten the offline content.

Now all of our Windows patch compliance scans fail with:

"An error occurred while scanning for patches with the MS Patch Supplement for Server Automation provided via SA Essentials Network. This database is different than the Windows Update offline patch database."

We have taken the following steps:

Re-imported the MS Patch Database

Removed the ms_patch_supp from the stream, deleted the content in the cache directory and ran import

Restarted agentcache on cores & gateways

Unfortunately the scans are still failing with the same error.

Is there a way to remove the ms_patch_supp database so that we can regain functionality?