Errors: Agent certificate mismatch;


When attempting to run communication test from inside SA then I got the following the error message.

Errors: Agent certificate mismatch;

Also , I have tried "agent recert" but no luck.

Execution Path Exit code Status Output

srv01.contoso.local 1 Failed ----------
Run Custom Extension Server Recert - update per-device crypto material.
Got exception during Crypto Assignment:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./apx/", line 228, in get_legacy_crypto
File "./apx/", line 180, in get_temp_script_location
File "./apx/", line 102, in get_win_variable_value
Exception: Failed to get value of ProgramFiles, exit code 249 reason Error stream from executing command /opsw/bin/ttlg -i 22840001 -l Administrator echo %ProgramFiles%:
Error from remote (3063): Handler pre-check failed

Crypto Assignment has failed.
The operation failed for srv01.contoso.local. The generation/assignment of the
new crypto material to the managed server was not successful.

ID: HPSA-1155
Code: com.opsware.script.ScriptMessageSpec.NON_ZERO_EXIT_CODE
Details: The exit code from the script was 1.